Where is the World Yoga Day Held?

Currimundi Primary School, , 17 Buderim st, Currimundi

What time should I arrive?

The first class is at 8.30am. Please allow enough time to find a park.


What should I bring?

If attending workshops, bring a yoga mat and anything else you would normally take to a class.  No lockers or holding facilities are available.


Is there an ATM at the World Yoga Day?
No. An atm is available across the road from the venue.
Can I bring my children to the World Yoga Day?

Due to the nature of the some of the classes & workshops, eg; meditation, children under 12 & under cannot attend workshops.


Can I come if I’m new to Yoga?

We welcome newcomers to the World Yoga Day. Most classes are taught to cater to beginners as well as advanced students. Class descriptions will give more detail on the level of the class. Please listen to your body, pace yourself throughout the day, and feel free to sit back and watch or lie down and rest at any time, this is completely acceptable in any class. If in doubt ask the teacher on the day if the class is suitable for you.


Is parking available?

Yes. parking is available on site and in nearby streets..


Is there food and drink available?

There are food caterers serving delicious, healthy and nutritious food. Chai and coffee, and refreshing cold drinks are also available on the day.