8th Sunshine Coast Yoga Day

A nourishing day of yoga masterclasses with some of the Sunshine Coast's most experienced teachers

The Sunshine Coast Yoga Day include workshops, classes & presentations with experienced teachers in a variety of styles. Classes are suitable for all levels of experience. Delicious healthy food and drinks are also available to be purchased on the day.

8th Annual Sunshine Coast Yoga Day:

22nd September 9.00am - 4.00pm, Currimundi State School, 17 Buderim St, Currimundi

$70 - online (online tickets close 5.00pm 21/09)
$80 @ door
1/2 day $50  @ door (9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4pm)
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Lauren Verona - 'Bend Back to Open Your Heart'

Join Lauren Verona and explore the key foundation poses to prepare you to backbend with ease. This heart opening class will open your heart and mind to a new world of possibilities. Be brave and take a leap of faith in your practice and learn how to deepen your backbend. Suitable for all levels.


About Lauren:

Lauren Verona believes that yoga can be for everyone and when you are fully practising yoga and being authentic to yourself then anything is possible. She has run yoga studios in both Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast and is passionate about bringing yoga to as many lives as she can. Her light -heartedness and sense of humour bring yin to her yang classes through an array of poses blended with sun salutations in a true Power Flow.
"There is no precise description of what yoga is, for each of us it is ever changing and evolving, such as in life. Yoga is about accepting yourself, getting to know yourself and learning to love that self. Despite, mental and physical barriers, disabilities and injuries, yoga is about practicing being in the presence of your self, rolling out your mat and accepting what comes, even if it means practicing in the resting child’s pose or laying on your back, the benefits are reaped and the motivation filtrates into all areas of your life. Its as much to do with the breathing and letting go as it is to do with the stretching and strengthening of muscles."


heather kitchen copy.jpeg
Heather Kitchen - 'How do we prepare for inversions'?

We often see the ease with which some people manage the inverted postures. But how do they get to that point? In the Iyengar tradition of Yoga we are taught how to build our strength and stability progressively. We need to develop both strength and suppleness in the shoulders in order to protect our neck from injury in both headstand and shoulderstand. Which way do we move the shoulders? How do we develop stability? How do we support our necks? And ultimately how do we free balance safely for a good amount of time so we can reap the benefits of these revitalising poses? Heather Kitchen will guide you through a series of poses that will foster a deeper awareness of the answers to these questions. (Note: We will NOT be free balancing in this class. We will simply be working TOWARD the inversions, hence this class is suitable for beginners along with those who are menstruating).

About Heather:

Heather began teaching yoga in 1997 and has extensive experience teaching all levels of ability. She was one of the co-founding members of Yarraville Yoga Centre in Melbourne's inner west in 2003 which became one of Australia's largest and busiest yoga studios. Heather relocated to the Sunshine Coast with her family in 2014. The philosophy of yoga is central to Heather’s teaching and practice, without that she believes we’re just doing something technical with the body. Her primary motivation is to encourage others to connect with their capacity for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through the path of yoga thus creating a sense of wholeness.
Heather has studied with numerous senior Iyengar Yoga teachers within Australia and has attended the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in India on 2 occasions.
Heather is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia and the founder of Maroochydore Yoga Centre.


miriam 2 copy.jpg
Mimi Frieser - 'Pilates Masterclass'

This Pilates Masterclass is designed to tune in with the centre of yourself, our Powerhouse and reconnect with the deep core muscles.

About Mimi:

Hi! My name is Miriam Frieser-Mimi, I’m originally from Munich – Germany and moved to Perth in 2016 and in January 2017 to the beautiful Sunshine Coast to work as the Holistic Trainer for Huntsfitness in Maroochydore.
I'm a passionate Fitness Coach and Yoga Teacher, whose key component in life has always been movement.
In 2005 I studied sports Science and graduated in 2008 as a certified Sports Scientist at the University of Munich.
In addition to my studies I educated myself further in the areas of Functional Training and Bodyweight Training and founded my own personal training company -  ‘Goforfit’.
In 2011 I finished my Pilates Teacher Training. With that a new door to of the BodyMind connection was opened, and I felt more and more in love with Yoga. So in 2015, I decided to do my Yoga Teacher Training in Indonesia, not only to be able to teach and spread the good vibes, but also to deepen my own practice. I did a 200hr training with the Indonesian Guru Made Sumantra in Ubud- Bali. I’m passionate about what I do and love to spread that kind of love and started to host retreats over the globe with 'Feel Good Junkies' (Bali, Spain, Germany, Australia.)

www.goforfit.de/IG: mimi_goforfit

stacey nelson low res.jpg
Stacey Nelson - 'Moving through grief with yoga'

“Moving through Grief with Yoga” is a gentle class for anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of loss. The class will include movements that tenderly encourage any accumulated stagnation in the heart and lung channels to shift and move through you. Grief is a very individual journey, so you will be able to choose what feels right for you. You will be offered different options on how you can move, or be still with different feelings as they arise. Tears won’t be purposefully provoked, but if they come to greet you, I will invite you to welcome them. The class will conclude with a heart healing meditation.

About Stacey:

With the intention to share yoga as a life skill, Stacey teaches practical; authentic and heartfelt classes to inspire students to take their yoga practice off the mat and live a more calm, courageous and compassionate life.
Stacey is a senior registered yoga teacher; studied yoga therapy in 2010 and has worked as a yoga therapist in a children’s hospital ward since 2011.
Having taught yoga since 2005, she has developed an in-depth knowledge coupled with vast teaching experience, leading her to present at several yoga festivals in Australia and New Zealand; create Inspired kids yoga teacher training; facilitate level 1 and 2 yoga teacher trainings and offer mentorship for other yoga teachers.


Tammy headshot standing prayer hands  (0
Tammy Williams - 'No Place Like Home - 'Learning how to give the mind a throne'.
Learn how to find out the common thread between the various forms of yoga ,mindfulness, nidra & joy.
Out of all things valued in life our mind is possibly the most precious and vulnerable.
Thankfully we have many methods to help us take care of it such as Mindfulness, Mudra, Movement, Yoga Nidra (even Bandhas) & more...... but what is the common thread ?
Learning various ways to integrate all aspects of ourself, head & heart. Tracing what ever arises back to the start. Making space, taking time.
Giving this soft animal of your body what it loves as we start to unwind. There’s always a way to bring us back home. Various methods to give the mind a throne
How do we handle those moments where we do not feel at ease, or comfortable in our own skin?
How can we learn from what we find within?
Looking forward to sharing a Mindful practice pulling out the common threads with a little dose of Movement Mudra & Yoga Nidra

About Tammy:

Tammy Williams has been running Yoga Teacher Training, Mindfulness Training, World Class Retreats and Events across Australia for many years. She has been invited to teach YOGA + MINDFULNESS at Yoga Festivals, World Famous Music & Arts Festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival & Fitness + Personal Development Conferences for companies such as GE Finance and the QLD Police Service and is invited by yoga studio owners to mentor and deliver training.
Tammy has been in the health industry since 1994 and has taught over 7800 hours of yoga classes & training. Life experience and her professional career in many fields of nursing, health promotion, disease prevention has given her an understanding of the mind and how it effects all health, healing and relationship. This supports a unique and inspirational dialogue in her teaching that is open, honest and real.
“My passion is to inspire others to LIVE LOVE + PLAY with their whole heart. My intention is to be a lifelong student and teacher supporting others to LIVE their full potential by practicing what I preach as best as I possibly can”
“I love watching the sun rise, sitting silently with my cup of tea , reading and writing poetry and cuddling my dog. I love surfing and all that it has taught me about life and what it means to be part of something bigger”
“Enlightenment, for a wave in the ocean, is the moment the wave realises it is water.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
The best advice I have been given was from my Gran (from her wall hanging of desiderata)
“Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself”


Vivianne Barry - Yin Spiral Lines
This Yin Yoga sequence takes us through a journey of the double helix spiral, as we connect right and left sides crossing through our power centre, all the way up to the cranium and down the back side. Expect long, deep holds, with a touch of edge as we open into the fabric of our fascia. With the theme of restoring balance between right and left, solar and lunar, masculine and feminine.

​About Viv:

Yoga has been a lifelong passion of Vivianne who founded Yoga Circle in 2013, a vibrant Noosa studio offering many styles of yoga and Kahuna bodywork. With early training in the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions, Vivianne later trained with Radiant Light Yoga to now teach Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles. Vivianne teaches yoga as moving meditation of breath and intention, bringing yoga principles to life and guiding us to clear energetic pathways and heal the body. Vivianne’s eloquent and energetic style brings the sacred into practical application, for all walks of life to give you a memorable embodied experience.




Currimundi State School

17 Buderim St, Currimundi


0404 0505 01


Where is the next Sunshine Coast Yoga Day held?

Currimundi State School, 17 Buderim St, Currimundi

What time should I arrive?

Registration opens at 8.30am with the irst class starting at 9am. There is some off street parking at the school, surrounding streets and also New Farm park but please allow enough time to find a park on the street if required.

What do I do when I arrive at the Yoga Day?

If you've purchased a prepaid ticket, please bring a printout of your ticket & photo ID.
To buy a ticket on the day you will need cash (no eftpos is available) and a registration form (available at the door).


What should I bring?
  • A yoga mat and any other props you would normally take to a class.  No lockers or holding facilities are available. 

  • There will be mats available for sale at registration.

  • Photo ID if you have bought your tickets online.

  • Cash for lunch or if you are buying tickets at the door.


Do I need to keep the wristband on the whole day?

Yes, the wristband allows you flexibility to come and go during the day. If your wristband comes off, please bring it back with you to registration. If you lose the wristband, unfortunately you will need to purchase another ticket.


Are there market stalls at the Yoga Day?

No, just a food stall.


Can I bring my children to the Yoga Day?

Due to the nature of the event, and the types of workshops on offer, the minium age for attendance for children is 13.


Can I come if I’m new to Yoga?

We welcome newcomers to the Yoga Day. Most classes are taught to cater to beginners as well as experienced students. Class descriptions will give more detail on the level of the class. The afternoon classes are most suitable for beginning students. Please listen to your body, pace yourself throughout the day, and feel free to sit back and watch or lie down and rest at any time, this is completely acceptable in any class.



Photos of previous Sunshine Coast Yoga Days

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