Adhi Bail - Bhakti Yoga
Physical practice, chant, suitable for all levels

This Bhakti flow is a blend of yin and yang postures flowing on the breath and awareness of a deep open hearted compassion for self on the mat. In the quest for the perfect, stronger, harder pose we can sometimes forget to honor the self and the reason we do yoga !! This Bhakti flow is a reminder of the sacredness of our practice and the purification available with self effort and presence. The flow will be accompanied by live gentle guitar and flute and end with a chant to the source of our divine connection.

Adhi has been a student of the yogic arts for over 20 years. Her style has evolved to a blend of vinyasa, yin and yang postures threaded on the breath with awareness of the source of our ability being beyond body and mind. She has been a teacher around the Sunshine Coast for many years and loves strong sweaty vinyasa, restorative yoga and kirtan ! She is eternally grateful for all the teachers in her life.

Adrian Mornaila - Ecstatic Dance
A mix of physical dnace and theoretical information, suitable for all levels

Ecstatic Dance is a conscious movement practice that invites people to drop out of their minds and into their bodies to unwind and open to inner wisdom. It is an opportunity to connect deeply with self and others in fun ways words cannot express. A gracious experience to meet yourself as you are and open a space where you can see beyond who you think you are... It’s about you, freedom, joy and honesty. For some dancing is walking to their edge of fear and stepping over! We will dance on a blend of world and contemporary beats to loosen the energy body, relieve fears and tensions and discover the still point within where creativity and coherence reside. When we come together we come in peace to create a deep space of shared practice, transformation and community, co-creating a spontaneous and unique experience based on the collective energy. Guidelines 1. No talking on the dance floor 2. Dance however you wish 3. Respect yourself and one another No dance experience required***

Adrian has been deeply touched by music and felt inspired to create dance journeys since 1993, initially for small gatherings of friends from one of the first Integral Yoga School in Europe, known today as Agama Yoga. Shortly after that, in 1997 he met his soul mate partner Monica and they embarked on a journey that led them throughout Europe, North America and Australia. Along the way they got the chance to experience various healing modalities that helped him discover his own emotional intelligence and intuition – qualities that were innate for his partner Monica. They both learned how to hold space for each other in difficult moments when past experiences would bring up fears and cultural beliefs would project false expectations on each other. They were guided on this path by amazing people that shared their wisdom with them in serendipitous moments - from hermits in the Carpathians Mountains, ex-military officers that became meditation masters in order to deal with PTSD in Washington D.C. and Native American Shamans leading sacred pipe ceremonies, sweat lodges and medicine ceremonies in the mountains of North California. In 2011 Adrian encountered one of his most influential teachers Samantha Sweetwater at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert and he started the Dancing Freedom facilitator training shortly after that. He became a certified Dancing Freedom facilitator in 2012, held classes in North California until the end of 2012 when him and his partner continued their journey to Australia. Since 2013, they are facilitating weekly Ecstatic Dance journeys and a monthly Cacao Ceremony in Brisbane.

Angela Kapudija - Yoga Dance
Fusion of yoga, tai chi, meditation with various dance modalities, suitable for all levels

Yoga Dance is a fusion of Yoga and free-form Dance to create the ultimate Movement Meditation & Mindfulness practice. The Yoga Dance practice stems from the Healing Arts, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Martial Arts AND the Dancing Arts, such as Salsa, Jazz, Belly Dancing, Duncan (free-form), Feldenkrais movement, Contemporary, Dancing Freedom, Nia Dance and Dance Therapy. Yoga Dance strengthens & energises the body, is great for fitness, health and is also therapeutic, allowing us to let go of negative though patterns and self-defeating behaviours. It is a fun, joy-full and enlivening practice that is great for overall well being, for the mind, body and spirit. It empowers us to be more aware of our sensory and emotional body, thus teaching us to live life fully, in the moment, with presence and awareness. Great for self development and confidence.

Angela founded Samsara Yoga Dance on the Central Coast NSW and has been offering weekly classes to the community, as well as at retreats and festival workshops. She has travelled both internationally and around Australia to dance with various teachers in 5 rhythms, Dancing Freedom, Nia, Soul Motion, Azule, Africal Tribal, Blindfold, Feldenkrais, Laban, Salsa, Osho Dynamic, Contemporary and Psycho-drama. Samsara Yoga Dance fuses together the healing arts, such as Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi with the Dancing arts to create a free-form practice that acts as a therapeutic tool for growth and self development. Her passion extends to a wholistic approach to health for mind, body & soul, having studied Microbiology, Nutritional Medicine and also operating an Organic Food business.

Angelique de Gruchy - The Yoga Sessions Slow Flow
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

RELAX, RESTORE & RENEW as you connect mind and body through breath and movement. This deeply nurturing and supportive yoga flow will allow space for you to gently unwind and begin to let go of tension and resistance. Gradually open up and surrender to that space of pure bliss and awareness through this slow and peaceful practice.

Angelique is crazy passionate about yoga & music. For her, yoga & music are like a lock & key, a bow & arrow, a rise & fall, surf & sand… they are just made for each other! They work. Angelique loves the way that yoga transforms people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She loves how it has the power to be applied to all aspects of life. How it gently expands our levels of compassion and loving kindness towards both ourselves and towards each other. Similarly, she loves the way that music has the power to enhance almost every experience. She loves how it offers us all a unique and beautiful soundtrack for our lives. How it can create a sense of connection and unity within an otherwise solitary moment. How it allows us to find our own rhythm and how it creates endless opportunities to express that rhythm with each other and with ourselves. Together, Angelique believes that YOGA & MUSIC are POWERFUL. She believes that they can create sacred space for tribe to be CONNECTED and EMPOWERED. Too many people feel disconnected in their day-to-day lives. Disconnected from themselves, disconnected from each other and disconnected from their TRUE POWER. They are CRAVING a sense of UNITY, a sense of BELONGING. Something to INSPIRE them to become their BEST SELVES. Angelique’s offering is The Yoga Sessions. Forget EVERYTHING you thought you knew about yoga. This is where YOGA and MUSIC COLLIDE. With a Degree in Contemporary Music, a L1 (200 Hour) Being Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and a L2 (500 Hour) Being Yoga Qualification in the making, she is certain to bring you a class like no other.

Ben Gaffney -  Introducing Resilient Health Body Technologies
A mix of physical practice and theoretical information, suitable for all levels

Resilient Health Body Technologies is a practice designed to improve health, longevity, and functional ability. Its strongest influence is Chinese Qigong (Chi Gung), a term which literally means “Energy Practice” or more accurately “Health Cultivation Practice”. The practice also contains elements of Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Hatha Yoga, and Physiotherapy informed Pilates. A central tenet of the practice is the traditional Chinese medical belief that the body’s fluids such as blood, lymph, and nerve cell fluid must circulate freely without blockage for optimal health. Blood is of particular concern in this regard because of the predisposition of red blood cells to clump together creating a significant barrier to optimal circulation. Breaking up these clumps with specific patterns of movement to afford better circulation to internal organs, joints, bone marrow, and nervous tissue is strong component of practice and considered of the highest priority for vitality and longevity in Chinese medicine/body technology. Another central tenet of the practice is that kinetic/potential energy must circulate freely without blockage for optimal movement. This requires letting go of unnecessary muscle tension, which affords the practice a sense of fun fluid grace and a freedom from tension that I have rarely felt any other way.

Hi I’m Ben. I’m a physiotherapist with a practice at Buddina and Forest Glen that emphasizes sensitive accurate massage. I also teach classes in “Resilient Health Body Technologies”. Its strongest influence is Chinese qigong (chi gung). The practice also contains elements of taijiquan (tai chi), hatha yoga, and physiotherapy informed pilates. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in physiology from Griffith University and a Ph.D. from RMIT University on the effects of the Chinese herb ginseng on hormonal markers of overtraining in athletes. During my research on ginseng I found a reference to the traditional Chinese medical belief that: “Taoist and Yogic methods … are the primary means to preserve vitality…”. This sparked my interest Chinese and Indian body technologies. I completed teacher training in “Yoga Chi Gung” in 2003. During my physiotherapy studies I was also trained in “Clinical Pilates” and taught classes from 2004 to 2011. Wanting to learn more from the Taoist traditions I began training with two Chinese teachers from lineages dating back several centuries. One is a Taijiquan teacher, Wee Kee Jin. The other, Zhen Hua Yang, teaches “Calligraphy Health” and is the current lineage holder in a family tradition dating back 400 years.

Brad Leech - Ayurveda & The Power of Om
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Chanting "Om" may be the most important thing we can do to prevent all modern disease. During this 45min presentation Brad will first explain the fundamental science behind chanting "Om" and it's relevancy to modern disease. Chanting "Om" is able to stimulate the vagus nerve and therefore reduces inflammation and supports digestive health. Other Ayurvedic aspects to reduce inflammation, support digestive health and improve your wellbeing will be discussed throughout this presentation. If you or your loved one has an autoimmune disease, suffers from depression/anxiety, inflammatory condition or digestive issues then this is the workshop for you.

Brad is a Ayurvedic and Nutritional Medicine practitioner with his major focus on holistic management for Autoimmune disease. With a passion for food as medicine, Brad uses diet, nutrients and herbs to balance the body from within. Brad believes in finding and treating the underlining cause of disease, rather than treating symptoms. Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine (October 2016) Publishing Author on Autoimmune Disease and Diet (Late 2016) Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine (2012) Youngest graduate of Ayurveda in Australia (2008)

Bryan Castle - FREE BEGINNER CLASS -  Yoga for Chickens
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Scared of yoga? Worried you may have to chant or pray? This class is for you. Come and get your body moving, have a laugh, and before you know it, you have done a yoga class. Bring hubbies, teens, all the scaredy cats, as we de-mystify yoga. Be warned, you will get a workout, and you may become addicted!!

Bryan has been de-mystifying yoga at his Mooloolaba Studio, Yoga Vida for 8 years. 5000+ students have taken the hardest step, walking through the door for the first time. They have since welcomed healthier, more balanced bodies and minds, and experienced all the benefits that a regular yoga practice can bring.

Carla Newton - Chakra Alignment and 'Singing Ring' Sound Therapy
Gentle asana, pranayama & savasana of sound, suitable for all levels

Arrive and align your Chakras then sink into a soothing sound bath of earthly and universal harmonic overtones from 'Singing Ring' sound bowls. Enjoy gentle Yoga asana & calming pranayama to firstly settle into the physical body and begin to calm the central nervous system. Connect with your energy centres and begin to journey inward. Each student will be offered to experience 'Singing Ring' sound bowls as we move around the room and place the bowls on your belly or heart. This allows the student to feel the actual vibration of peace. We want to share this ultimate harmonic sound from Japan. The subtle vibrations will help to support you during your yoga practice. Feel balanced, grounded,supported and safe. Bring peace into your whole self and allow a ripple effect of peace to expand into your world.

Carla Newton - KALI ANAHATA In 2008, she travelled to Thailand and attended YTT at Chakra Yoga and left 5 months later with 500hr Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher certification. Carla's passion to raise the vibration of peace within us has led her to understand the power of sound. Completing Level 1 'Singing Ring' Sound Therapist course early 2015 now allows an outlet to connect and share this amazing healing modality with all. Apart from Sound sessions and Yoga classes & Chakra workshops, Carla now offers one on one sessions beginning with discovering your governing Chakra. She will be there to support you along your personal journey.

Courtney Zohs - Blending yoga and mindfulness
Blend of physical and theoretical, suitable for all levels

This workshop will explore how the influence of the Buddha's teaching of mindfulness can make a profound impact on our practice. We will look at how to integrate mindfulness practice with our asana, as well as how to provoke these effects from intelligent sequencing and breath work. We will look at how to utilise the prana vayus and the 6 categories of posures to really tap into the areas we have blind spots to, and how to safely encourage our practice towards a gentle release and increased awareness at a pace we can cope with.

I am a Yoga Alliance certified ERYT500, with training in tantric hatha, restorative, pranayama, meditation, breath analysis, yoga nidra and pre and post natal. My main practice is meditation with influence coming from the Buddhist traditions of Insight and Theravada. I sit often on vipassana retreats and see more and more how the blend of insight practice and yoga expedites our potential. My most recent work while based in Asia for the last 2 years, have been assisting to run Yoga teacher training programs, it was an honour and a privilege to mentor teachers through their beginning and advanced trainings.

Craig Smith - Breath in Practice
A mixture of theoretical and physical practice focusing on the breath, suitable for all levels

This Breath focussed session is based on the teachings of Sri Krisnamacharya through his student Desikachar and supported by Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. We will be exploring the use of Asana, Pranayama and chanting to potentiate the breath to help us to move beyond the mind and eventually arriving at that place where we can understand the true nature of who we are. Breath and Mind are inextricably linked.

I have been practicing yoga since the late 90's and teaching yoga from 2002. I have travelled to India many times, staying for extended periods of study and practice with experienced yogis. I have completed a 3 year Post Graduate Diploma of Yoga Therapy with Yoga Therapy Australia, training under the expert guidance of Dr N Chandrasekaran. I host regular retreats in Australia and overseas encouraging students to dive deeper in to the practice of yoga.

Danielle Mondahl - Thai Yoga Massage Taster
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Learn to give and receive a 20 minute sequence of juicy Thai Yoga massage techniques.

Danielle Mondahl is passionate about Thai Yoga Massage. Having studied Thai massage extensively, Danielle is delivering Level 1 Practitioner Training at Yoga NRG January 12-15, 2017 . She specialises in Thai Yoga Massage for pregnancy.

Dominique Livkamal - Kundalini Yoga for spinal alignment
A mix of Kriya, meditation and relaxation, suitable for all levels

Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a practice for those wanting a combination of Kriya, meditation and relaxation. This class is designed to help you develop a healthy spine.

Dominique Liv kamal is a kundalini Yoga teacher, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and zen thai shiatsu practitioner. Her classes are traditional Kundalini yoga with added wellness information, tips and practices.

Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota
BodySensing; a gentle physical moving meditation and a short iRest Yoga Nidra to end, suitable for all levels

BodySensing i s a unique, method of meditation that uses the body as an entry point for coming to know who you truly are. It has the potential to profoundly nourish our connection with our selves, to open to a deep sense of calm and well being, and to come to the direct realization of our true nature as embodied unitive consciousness. This practice comes out of the Kashmir Non­dual tradition and is taught by Dr Richard Miller as a central resource for self­inquiry. Dr. Miller, amongst a handful of others, was taught BodySensing by his teacher, Jean Klein, who was master of Advaita Vedanta, and deeply influenced by Kashmir Non-dualism.


I’m passionate about helping people feel peaceful, happy, and content through iRest® Yoga Nidra/meditation, Yoga, self-inquiry/co-meditation and gentle somatic yoga movement, BodySensing. Fuyuko is a IYTA member and YA registered Senior Yoga teacher and certified iRest® - Integrative Restoration meditation senior trainer who travels internationally to share Joy, Delight and Freedom of Yoga & meditation with all.

Gaylyn Aitken - Alignment
A mix of theory and practical, suitable for all levels

Understanding how your body functions as a moving structure subject to the forces of gravity and earth rebound is vital if you're interested in improving the quality of your movement. The alignment of your body from your feet on up to your head is the prime player in how well or how uncomfortable you feel in your body, affecting the range of motion in joints, muscles and the subtle inner functions of your body. Alignment is the first consideration in improving range of motion, resilience and self healing potential. This short class will be focusing on the effects of alignment on your fluids, energy and range of motion, psoas and nervous system integrity. You'll be shown a simple psoas release using gravity and ground force to reset your nervous system and how to align your structure from the feet up. If you're interested in getting to the heart of why your lower back isn't getting better, why you feel anxious or why you're tired all the time, check into this class and get a fresh perspective on how your body functions to meet its needs.

Gaylyn Aitken is passionate about movement. Her working principle is 'we are entities in motion and evolution is it's angel'. Through movement we express who we are, evolving our movement we evolve as a human being. She's a Yoga teacher with a forty year personal practice, twenty five years as a professional massage/bodyworker and spent eight years with Abraham Kawai'i, Kahuna in Hawai'i learning Kahuna innate awareness through bodywork, sustenance management, prayer construction, hula and movement principles. Her greatest interest lies in teaching movement principles to improve the quality of an individuals engagement with their body and promote personal power through knowledge. She currently works from her Spa and Movement Studio in Gympie teaching Kahuna Bodywork and Aligned Movement with a regular teaching stint in her native New Zealand. Personal satisfaction comes from watching students get something new, put it into motion and evolve as a caring compassionate human being.

Genevieve St Cyr - The Vagus Nerve and Digestion
Mix of physical practice and theoretical information, suitable for all levels

Come to this workshop to learn about the importance of a healthy vagus nerve for good digestion. I will also talk about the gut-brain connection and how our gut bacteria communicate with the brain through the vagus nerve, and hence the importance of looking after our microbiome (the community of bacteria living in our gut). We will finish the session with a short practice that will help to stimulate the vagus nerve (including breathing exercises, meditation and asana practice).

I am a yoga therapist, nutrition coach and digestive health expert and I am passionate about helping people restore healthy digestion as I believe that the health of our gut is absolutely crucial to our overall health and well-being. I emphasize an integrative holistic approach to wellness using my unique knowledge of medicine, yoga and nutrition. By improving your gut function, you can experience amazing turn-around in your health, including improvement in mood, pain reduction, better hormonal balance, reduction in auto-immunity etc. To learn more: 

Geraldine Osborn - Pilates Centre Control and Precision
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Develop connection with your deep core muscles, with precise slow movement creates strong posture and efficient movement patterns. When the core is strong the frame of the body is supported. Come and explore your deep muscles of the spine, abdomen and pelvic floor

Geraldine is a Senior Qualified Yoga Instructor who has been practicing for over 17 years. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training levels 1 & 2 with Radiant Light Yoga, and continued the path into Level 3 teacher training of Power Yoga. She furthered her studies travelling to India to deepen her knowledge of yoga asanas, pranayama, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy, and continues to develop her knowledge and understanding of Yoga and Meditation. Geraldine has recently completed Pilates Teacher Training which she will bring into the retreats to teach core strength, precision, control and flow of movement. Yoga and Pilates compliment each other enhancing alignment and core strength in a safe and practical way.

Ginny West - Spirit in Business
Self discovery workshop, suitable for all levels

Finding your purpose in life is truly your greatest search, but it can be a confusing and sometimes heart breaking process. In this talk we'll explore purpose through the yogic purusharthas or four aims in life; dharma, artha, kama and moksha. We'll dive deep into the heart and soul and discover how to find, sustain and live your purpose with love and liberation.

Ginny West is an author, yoga teacher, speaker and visionary for the wellbeing industry. With over 18 years experience Ginny has worked in 5 star resorts in Australia and overseas, writes a regular wellbeing column, has authored two books and worked in depth in corporate, schools and community. Ginny now devotes all her time to helping others find their path and purpose.

Graeme Shevellar - Yin Yoga
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Yin Yoga is the practice of floor postures gently held for a duration. Allowing the nervous system time to relax, promoting muscle and fascia to let go of the daily grind, a deep level of relaxation can be achieved. Great for everyone looking for more balance peace and calmness.

Graeme is passionate about sharing yoga, & began to teach to share the inspiring nature of yoga to know ourselves better, with the incredible potential we hold, and how yoga supports us as we create positive changes in our lives. With ongoing studies, regular workshops and retreats, Graeme is a powerful dedicated teacher with precise attention to alignment, and ensures you get the absolute most out of your yoga practice. ‘Yoga is one of my best friends, I find it liberating for my body, mind and soul’ Emphasis is placed on safety and alignment, and adapting the practice to suit individual body types.

Gwyn Williams - Big exhale
Movement based therapy with some partner work, suitable for all levels

Are we too caught up in ' being someone or something ' to fully exhale? Are we too caught up in 'postcards from the past ' for fully allow the big breath out? Are we too consumed in 'getting somewhere ' that we forget to breathe fully? This is an invitation to utilise the simple and powerful tool of the breath and marry it with solo mindful movement and creative partner therapy to allow you to shed the old skin and dive into the depth and breadth of who you really are. Our inhale is completely dictated by the depth of our exhale...when we truly let go we can begin to embrace the potential a free and open canvas offers.

Gwyn has spent 15 years effectively combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yoga, utilising this within his therapeutic , martial arts and AcroYoga teachings. More recently his style called Zenthai Flow has evolved to create a trilogy of yoga asana, partner flows and therapeutic bodywork woven together through the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine. His book ' The Zen of touch ' is known in alternative healing circles throughout the world and is well utilised in the acro yoga community . An author , a teacher , a competitive runner and surfer and the founder of Zenthai shiatsu , we is widely recognised and passionate about art forms that bring us back to pristine states of awareness and connection enabling us to engage with our full hearts and deeper truth . He has presented at yoga festivals and conventions throughout the world for the past 10 years as well as running workshop, courses and retreat at the Zenthai centres on the east coast of Australia and Bali .

Haitch - Naad Yoga - Sound and Healing
Mix of theoretical knowledge sharing and music, suitable for all levels

Multi-instrumental musician and composer Haitch offers a fresh twist on devotional music and Mantra. Experience this unique moving fusion created with both uncommon and classical instruments. Including Native American flutes, bamboo Suling, Yidaki (didgeridoo), slide Didge ,electric Indian zither, trumpet and resonant vocals. Offering you the opportunity to join voices in chanting or simply listen. Haitch uses 'live looping' to create an expansive and deep musical journey. The session is finished with a Sounwaves journey. During this sonic offering, Haitch brings you deep earthy vibrations of the didgeridoo fused with sacred tones. Lie down, relax, reset and absorb the vibrations of Soundwaves.

Haitch is a South East Queensland musician and composer. Bringing a fresh twist to the world music, devotional and yoga scenes, his style is expansive and deep. Sharing music and movement in 'Yoga Soundcapes' classes, holding devotional 'Chanting to Bliss' concerts & facilitating 'Soundwaves' sound healing journeys. Haitch also runs sharing his passion for this technique, used for music and medically diagnosed sleep and breathing disorders. Circular Breath also manufactures a range of telescopic style didgeridoo or 'Breath Strengthening Pipes' here in Australia.

Honor Morningstar - 5 Rhythms Dance
Dance workshop, suitable for all levels

The 5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement practice. It is at once meditation, medicine, and a series of maps to ecstasy. Created by Gabrielle Roth, this is a shamanic practice that calls us into a deeper embodied awakening. A profound and multi-layered and catalytic conscious dance practice that invokes the rhythms of the natural world. There is no choreography...other than following the body, and listening in to its wisdom. The dance offers us the space to drop out of the mind and into the feet, to allow the rhythm of the body, and the pulse of the music to hold us as we continuously step out of our own way and allow the dance to emerge. Honor uses an eclectic mix and variety of fabulous tunes and beats from all over the planet to rock your world. Simply drop in, fill up, and empty out, exactly as you are... It is for anyone, any age, any shape, any size, any level of fitness, any level of dance-ability. All you need is a body and a willingness to move.

Honor Morningstar walks a strong path of dance medicine firmly rooted in the 5Rhythms medicine mandala of Gabrielle Roth. She is a passionate, heartfelt, and spirited facilitator who sees her role as seducing people back into a unique, authentic, and vibrant expression. Honor’s commitment is to hold the container so that you can let go, and soften, with more freedom. Her work is a convergence of various shamanic teachings and practices from around the world. She is also a Ka Huna practitioner of the ancient, sacred, and healing art of Hawaiian massage & bodywork. She is dedicated to the earth medicine healing journey, and is blessed to have the opportunity to continue working with teachers, medicine men & women, and shamans from Australia and around the world. Honor teaches regular classes and workshops in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. And loves to get the community to moving!

Jacqui Sellers - Chakra Vinyasa Flow
A blend of yogic philosophy, asana, pranayama and meditation, suitable for all levels

A powerful Chakra Vinyasa journey to bring harmony, clarity and bliss to body, mind and spirit. Join Jacqui Sellers (Brisbane Yoga Space) for a dynamic journey through the chakras, our powerful energy centres for increased wellbeing, vitality, confidence, strength and contentment. Experience the deeper teachings of yoga and connect to your inner spirit through an engaging yoga practise.

Jacqui has been teaching for 10 years and started her yoga teaching journey with Carrie Anne Fields before studying Sivananda Yoga in India and then Radiant Light Yoga with Adam and Akash Bornstein and Jasmine Tarkeshi and Emily Stone of Laughing Lotus Yoga. Jacqui is co-director of Brisbane Yoga Space established in 2008 and one of Brisbane's most established studio's. It is Jacqui's deep passion to share the deeper teachings of yoga and journey beyond the body and mind and into the heart and spirit.

Janie Larmour - Releasing the Psoas
Physical practice and theory, suitable for all levels

The psoas muscle group is deep in the body but easily accessible through Zen Ki Yoga. Zen Ki Yoga is a Japanese form of yoga based on the 12 meridians in the body. Zen Ki Yoga is an amazing healing tool for your body, but also allows for quick release without injury so you can go deeper in the poses you’ve been struggling with for years!! Learn how this deep core muscle can relieve back pain and it’s relationship to our deeply held fears. Discover how releasing it alleviates period pain and allows us to develop a deep connection with our deep self and the universe so we are more connected to our environment and more able to judge our needs without needing outward approval from others. You will leave this session feeling lighter and more open to the opportunities that have always been in front of you!

Janie has been looking after people’s health for 22 years and teaching yoga for 17 years. She is renowned for her impassioned instruction, extensive knowledge and unique teaching style, incorporating impeccable alignment with a true appreciation of human anatomy. Before yoga, she was one of Sydney's leading personal trainers who trained and taught yoga to some of Sydney's major celebrities including Baz Lurhmann and wife Catherine Martin (4 time Oscar winner), fashion designers Collette Dinnigan and Charlie Brown and singer Natalie Imbruglia.

Jo Kelly - Healing Sounds of Yoga
Mantra music meditation , suitable for all levels

As food nourishes your body, sacred sound feeds your soul. Chant along or lay in shavasana and relax deeply as Jo’s beautiful voice and gentle hypnotic rhythms take you on a journey into deep peace. Jo’s music soothes you with the healing powers of Vedic mantra and offers profound rest and rejuvenation.

Jo Kelly (Cert IV ALC Ayurveda) is an award winning singer songwriter, performer, teacher and the creator of Café Mantra Music. Jo was awakened to her spiritual path in 2005 in India, where she discovered Ayurveda, chanting, meditation and devotional music. She fell in love with the healing sounds, exotic instruments and classical ragas that touched her heart and soul. Since India, her music and singing has become deeply inspired by the loving healing powers of mantra and sacred song and she has recorded 5 ‘Cafe Mantra’ CDs for yoga and meditation. Jo travels throughout Australia and overseas to festivals, yoga retreats and events to share the sounds of spirit and peace with you.

Jodi Coman - BarreYoga - Classical Ballet technique with Vinyasa Flow
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

We would just love to invite you to a gorgeous fusion of vinyasa yoga, and ballet barre. Each class is different and provides deep toning exercises to help you get longer leaner muscles (like a ballet dancer!) This beautiful form of exercise has never been seen on the Sunshine Coast, unlike other forms of Barre, Jodi specialises in slower movements with correct ballet technique. All classes are fun for all fitness levels with an absolute emphasis on loving your body,mind and soul. Yes, there is a Savasana for all your hard work!

Jodi started dancing at age 4 and has studied various styles including jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary and classical ballet. Since the age of 10, Jodi has competed in solo dance competitions and eisteddfods in Australia and internationally. Due to her love of classical ballet, Jodi was accepted at age 17 to attend the National Ballet School (St.Kilda) - Diploma of Arts (classical ballet) in Melbourne. After teaching barre yoga classes in Melbourne and managing 4 studio's for the last four years, Jodi has returned to the Sunshine Coast where she has create her own business (Jodi BarreYoga) and also completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training. Incorporating her love of vinyasa yoga and ballet barre, her passion for both is infectious making her classes lots of fun with the emphasis on loving your mind,body and soul.

Julie Kradolfer - Unleash Your Inner Warrior
Physical practice, some experience required

This dynamic workshop will dive deep through the physical body, using the body as tool of self-discovery, awakening the muscles. With a strong focus on breath and body alignment, this class will condition the body from the inside out where our inner warrior resides. Unleash your inner warrior with a creative combination of strength, stretching and balance postures, dynamically sequenced to embrace your inner flow. Incorporating classic yoga postures and emphasis placed on smooth transitions from pose to pose using the breath, will encourage a mindful, integrated movement – a moving, joyful meditation. Enjoy the transformation felt both in the mind and body, revitalise the internal systems of the body, promote lightness and ease as all heaviness and tension on all levels will unravel and dissolve. An intensely satisfying workshop, you'll walk away feeling centered, focused, strong, powerful!

With a life-long passion for fitness, health and nutrition, yoga was destined to find Julie. After discovering its multitude of benefits both physically and mentally, including calmness, self-acceptance and a better night’s sleep Julie gradually replaced her rigorous gym-junkie routine, resigned from the corporate world and welcomed yoga into her heart and daily life. Julie is the Co-Founder of Powerlife Whole Health Studios, her authentic approach and past experience living with a restless mind and tired body she easily relates to her students. She inspires them to discover their own wellbeing potential through teaching body awareness and listening to one’s innate wisdom. Her students are guided to feel their energy within, to surrender to the hardness of their bodies and to let go of self-expectations that stand in the way of contentment and calmness. Julie’s teaching style is dynamic and passionate, warm and attentive to individual needs and a perfectionist when it comes to clarity of her presentation. Julie encourages a sense of inner harmony, and you will leave Julie's classes feeling brighter and uplifted. Julie trained with renowned yoga teachers Adam and Akash Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga and teaches an energising, yet calming practice to penetrate deep into all the organs and systems of the body to revitalise, rejuvenate, relax and restore. “I am blessed to be able to share the ancient teachings of yoga with others and support my students on all levels”...“ When I'm on my mat, I simply surrender to stillness. My physical body is strengthened and my mind is focused – this is absolute joy!”

Kashi Azad - Introduction to Persian Yoga 
Physical practice, requires some strength

Persian Yoga is unlike anything you have done before! Strong, invigorating, and challenging, Persian Yoga is the physical conditioning arts of ancient Persian warrior nobility and modern day martial artists. Persian Yoga combines traditional, time tested and battlefield proven methods to forge powerful warriors. It is equally suitable, and adaptable, for beginners, avid physical culturists and aging athletes alike. Not only will you swing mace clubs, handle shields, do push-ups and calisthenics like never before, but you will also develop multiple fitness components simultaneously and also learn Samaa meditation i.e. Sufi whirling.

I am Kashi, and I bring you Persian Yoga from my ancestral homeland and the heartland of the Persians. I am both proud and happy to share this ancient and unique physical conditioning art form with you. Persian Yoga has been shrouded in mystery for many many years...women were not allowed to practice it, and only a select few were initiated into this secretive art. I am breaking down these barriers and for the first time opening the doors to this old world, yet sophisticated and advanced, physical art form. Persian Yoga focuses on the development of skills required for Martial Arts, it was the conditioning system of the Aryan warrior casts from a bygone era. Persian Yoga is equally relevant today and I'm here to share its benefits and secrets with you.

Kat Tucker & Bodhi Whitaker - Ancient Breath Modern Being
Interactive and experiential workshop, suitable for all levels

We all know the ancient practice of pranayama is beneficial. Well, essential to our well being. But do we all practically use this 5000 year old wisdom on a daily basis (off the mat), where it actually matters? Learn to conquer stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression in our experiential workshop. This is not a boring talk. This is fresh, informative and perfect for the modern human being.

Kat and Bodhi are the two young inspirer's behind Breathe Project. An independent health promotion initiative empowering youth, schools and communities with one simple breathing technique. Katherine Tucker our organising, perfectionist holds a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) with a published mental health promotion resource. She has extensive experience working with youth in character building and career advising, a yoga teacher qualification as well as a passport full of experiences. Bodhi Whitaker our free-thinking, realist is the founder and presenter of Art of Breath Training, with 32 workshops and 2500 individuals helped directly since 2012. He has extensive experience as a Psychosomatic Therapist and yoga teacher, supporting youth and adults through awareness, education and action.

Kaye Halligan - Crystalline Energy Healing 
Experiential talk, suitable for all levels.

This Crystalline Energy Healing works on the energy field that surrounds and manifests our physical body – like a blueprint of life. This is the energy field that contains all our programs, beliefs, and any old woundings we may be holding on to. It is her belief that all of our physical and psychological problems stem from imprints within our Crystalline Energy Field. Even the situations we draw to us, the choices we make on a day-to-day basis have their origins in this field. Once this energy field is cleared, physical, emotional and mental healing takes place and our choices will be more conscious. In short, we become the master of our lives rather than a slave to various imprints.

Kaye is a Spiritual Master, Shaman and Alchemist and a teacher of teachers. She is a multi-dimensional healer, working on 12 levels of consciousness. She has been working professionally in the spiritual field for over 25 years. Together with her sons, Matt, Marty and Dave, she owns Coastal Wellbeing Centre on the Sunshine Coast. Her spiritual work is innovative and profound yet simple.  She is the founder of Crystalline Energy Healing which has evolved and developed over the years, as the energies of the planet have evolved and developed.

Kathleen Buckley - Mindful Breathing for Deep Relaxation
Pranayama, mindfulness, and theory weaved through class, suitable for all levels.

Come along and integrate the more physical classes you have taken today. Pranayama practice can transform your life, particularly if you are prone to anxiety, stress, or if you are a proud multi-tasker! Shift stagnant energy, and let go of emotional patterns which no longer serve you. You will be laying on your back for most of the class, with a little standing/sitting. Suitable for all levels - beginners very welcome :)


Kathleen has been practicing yoga since her teenage years reading yoga philosophy, and has been teaching regularly since 2009. She teaches yoga/breathing/mindfulness/emotional resilience to adults, youth and children in studios, halls and schools, and on retreats.

Kimmana Nichols - Balanced Yoga Therapy with Ayurveda
Theoretical information, suitable for all levels

In the old age Yoga represented a clear system from the Vedic sciences that was designed for self realisation. In the new age of yoga it has now become an exercise system as people continue to see the obvious benefits of yoga upon the body and not just the mind. The challenge with this modern evolution comes with an extraordinary high occurrence of injury in yoga and many parts of the west now consider Yoga as "the science of injury". If yoga is to live through this evolution and truly be a holistic therapy system then it MUST borrow from its cousin Ayurveda, the Vedic science of medicine and preserving life in form. This workshop clarifies the strengths of the Vedic sciences and what their original purpose was. We will then focus in on The Five Elements of Ayurveda and how this system can be used to individualise yoga, ensure balance to your yoga sadhana, and deliver "True Holistic Yoga Therapy".

Kimmana is the third generation from an entire family of holistic healers and educators. He is an experienced health advisor and educator, sought after the world over. He is passionate about unlocking peak human potential and spends his time absorbed in the pursuit and perfection of healing wisdom arts. Most of the year he works in Bali, then tours teaching through America, Australia, SE Asia and Europe. He holds a degree in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, an Advanced Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine from the University of Pune and is also a qualified Yoga Therapy Instructor. He co-created ThaiVedic Yoga Systems to merge his modern understandings from yoga and touch modalities, with the holistic wisdom and diagnostic brilliance of Ayurveda.

Kimmana Nichols - How Vedic Astrology Shows Your Life Purpose
Theoretical information, suitable for all levels

With extreme diversity of human life, we are all sent with purpose and specific gifts to share. This class takes us on a journey through Vedic Astrology to understand the laws of karma, and how this vast science of spirit has now come to be known as the most accurate form astrology known to man. We will outline the domains of life and how the soul evolves through human experience. There will be a focus upon how this system recognises the most rewarding domains of life for each individual, and the Purusharthas, the four purposes of human existence.

Kimmana is the third generation from an entire family of holistic healers and educators. He is an experienced health advisor and educator, sought after the world over. He is passionate about unlocking peak human potential and spends his time absorbed in the pursuit and perfection of healing wisdom arts. Most of the year he works in Bali, then tours teaching through America, Australia, SE Asia and Europe. He holds a degree in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, an Advanced Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine from the University of Pune and is also a qualified Yoga Therapy Instructor. He co-created ThaiVedic Yoga Systems to merge his modern understandings from yoga and touch modalities, with the holistic wisdom and diagnostic brilliance of Ayurveda.

Lauren Vercoe - Flow with Purpose
Practical power flow class, suitable for all levels

In today’s times, finding time to reconnect with our purpose in life and the essence of who we are is often brushed to the side. This class will encourage you to look outside the square as you move through a flowing sequence of yoga similar to what is practised at Zenko Yoga. This style of yoga promotes internal heating and will incorpoarte sun salutations with standing, balancing and floor poses designed to open your heart and mind to the endless opportunities in your life right now. Lauren is passionate about helping others find and connect with their purpose in life. Creating time for yoga in our busy lives helps us to realise how we can accomplish this. Through her own yoga experiences, Lauren firmly believes this to be a remarkable and unique vehicle to help us connect with our authentic selves and therefore bring about happiness and contentment.

Lauren Vercoe has created and grown three thriving yoga studios and healthy communities across Australia and is passionate about bringing yoga to as many lives as possible. Lauren is also the creator of an online studio offering premium yoga classes, tutorials and workshops. Her insights, compassion for people of all abilities and a light sense of humour bring a unique blend of instruction and guidance that is refreshing and down to earth. Heat is built quickly in her classes and within moments she will move your heart, body and mind through an array of sequences and poses blended with Sun Salutations in her beautiful Power Flow classes. Lauren discovered yoga whilst she was running a full time PR company in Melbourne and within months of completing her teacher training was teaching full time. As a mother of two, she understands life’s challenges of finding time for ourselves and is passionate about assisting others with finding that balance. "There is no precise description of what yoga is, for each of us it is ever changing and evolving, such as in life. Yoga is about accepting yourself, getting to know yourself and learning to love that self. Despite mental and physical barriers, disabilities and injuries, yoga is about practicing being in the presence of your self, rolling out your mat and accepting what comes. Even if this means resting in child’s pose or laying on your back, the benefits are reaped and the motivation filtrates into all areas of your life. Yoga is as much to do with the breathing and letting go as it is to do with the stretching and strengthening of muscles."

Lee Hardisty - Kundalini Yoga
Physical practice, suitable for intermediate level students

An invigorating class that will be fast paced but will also incorporate some yogic philosophy including the concept of nothing


Lee is a passionate kundalini yoga teacher who is also a music therapist, musician and father. He likes to bring his experiences of life to his classes

Lee Hardisty - Musical performance
Musical performance, suitable for all levels

Saxophones, guitar, keys, kalimba, flute and wholesome vocals; Lee Hardisty uses live looping and incredible talent to weave together intricate dreamlike tapestries of happiness and simple living.

Leisa Baldwin - Yoga for Hormone Balance
Mix of theoretical information and physical practice, suitable for all levels

Yoga can help relieve stress, regulate our hormones, reduce anxiety and allow us to self nurture but what specifically should we do when we feel stressed, can’t sleep and feel out of sorts. In this workshop we will explore how the stress hormone cortisol disrupts our other hormones and throws us off balance. Our hormones are designed to work for us and there are specific yoga practices that enable us to re-establish hormonal harmony, so let’s look at what we can do at home to help us achieve this.

Leisa Baldwin is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who is passionate about making yoga available to all regardless of age or ability. After teaching in Darwin for 10 years she moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2014 where she is continuing her journey as both a student and a teacher. Leisa has studied with the Iyengar family in India, Australia and Malaysia and is dedicated to the traditions associated with the practice. She has a special interest in women's health and yoga philosophy and how what we learn on the mat can be applied to our day to day lives.

Leith James - Vibrational Yoga
Sound Meditation with Movement, suitable for all levels

Vibrational Yoga is a blend of yoga and the vibrational power of the gongs. The experience of yoga combined with gong vibrations will help you reach further into your poses and let your mind surrender so you can further your practice. Sound waves help to facilitate the movement of prana (vital life force), clearing the mind, elevating the conscious vibration and rehabilitating the nervous systems. The yoga postures and movements are selected in harmony with the areas of the body that the gongs target.

Leith James is a certified sound practitioner who has been performing sound work for 10 years. He specializes in intuitively creating healing soundscapes. Lloyd Browne is an Anusara based yoga teacher with a background in dance and free form movement.

Lindy Smith - Wellbeing Yoga
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Allow your body to open at its own rate, as we ease into a dynamic flow, static postures, wellbeing practices & relaxation. This practice links poses with the breath to reveal body awareness as we cultivate curiosity to allow easeful opening of the body to nourish the joints & muscles so we can see what lies beneath. This will set us up to allow gravity to have us as we bathe in sound during savasana. Namaste'

My Yoga journey commenced when I attended an Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay. I found yoga brought mindful awareness to my body, mind and spirit, giving me the opportunity to take time to check in with how I was truly feeling. The skills I learned practicing yoga enabled me connect with breath and allow the structures of a thinking mind to break down. I loved the way a consistent yoga practice made me feel, so I commenced a spiritual journey to cultivate self-love. When I roll out my mat to teach, I enjoy stimulating the senses using music & essential oils and challenging the body with postures whilst cultivating an awareness of the mind through pranayama (breath work). I aim to help others open and release stagnation in the physical body & mind and re-awaken those parts of ourselves that may have become dormant whilst practising non-judgement.

Louise Solomon - Yogalates Master Class
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Yogalates explores the fusion of Yoga and Pilates Therapy with functional Anatomy and Core holistic Stability. To stretch, strengthen and tone your body; while supporting fundamental pelvic patterns of movement; the exploration of the breath and its interplay with in functional stability, enhancing safety in your asana practise! Yogalates caters for all different body types; supports postural re alignment and your overall wellbeing. All postures are taught with the awareness of stability in the joints and progressing from a preparation stage increasing the load and effort so that everyone has an option to suit their body and fitness level Benefits are to cultivate strength, stamina, stability and flexibility with particular attention paid to building tone in the deeper postural “core” muscles. These protect the spine against injury, support the internal organs and foster pelvic and spinal awareness to promote good posture and realignment. Supports muscle tone, joint stability, pelvic stability, pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscle strengthening, developing general fitness while also encouraging a connection with self to soothe the nervous system, release stress, aid relaxation instil inner calm discover your breath and deepen your awareness within your Yoga Practise !

Louise has been practicing Yoga for over 30 years and Pilates for 25 years. Completed her Pilates Training in 1992 and taught Pilates exclusively in the early nineties. In 1994 Louise attained certification in Yoga Teaching (I year full time) and has been teaching her own fusion the renowned Yogalates Method ever since. Louise is a pioneer in the health and fitness industry; considered an expert on fusing Asana with Core Therapy by Yoga Australia. Has been interviewed around the world on Yogalates Core stability, and standards of safety in the Yoga room. Louise has been training and mentoring students to be teachers since 2000. Authored a book has an award wining DVD series. Runs annual Teacher Trainings and Retreats in Europe, Byron Bay and Sydney. The Yogalates method now incorporates the fundamental pelvic patterns from leading Physiotherapist Josephine Keys specialising in back pain. She quotes below - "In my opinion, the Yogalates Academy have clearly been concerned to ensure that their teaching syllabus offers a responsible, safe and appropriate form of exercise therapy. This can also be applied therapeutically in injury rehabilitation; which is more appropriate to the client’s needs this lends an holistic approach to practise.

Madallon Malancioiu & Melina Garcia Alarcon - Yoga and Essential Oils
Physical restorative practice, suitable for all levels

The Yoga and Essential Oils workshop is a mix of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Flow with a therapeutic touch of essential oils, mmm bliss! The practice aims to facilitate a deeper inner awareness of the self through the use of scents, yoga postures and breathing techniques that will allow a possible connection to subtle body. The participants are invited to bring along a cushion or a bolster if they have one and also a towel or yoga blanket to make their experience even more special. All the oils will be supplied during the workshop and the Yoga teachers and volunteers will be sharing a selection of different oils with participants during the practice. All oils used in the workshop are of the highest vibrational quality, being Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). Each essential oil has been chosen for a blend of its physical, emotional and spiritual properties to perfectly compliment the yoga practice, postures and the connection of mind, body, soul. This beautiful class takes self-care and self-connection to a new level and participants have truly loved it.


Melina has been connected to Yoga since childhood when she watched her mum practicing yoga postures and wondered ways to stand upside down. She explored her love and curiosity for the body/mind connection firstly studying Physical Education and then going on to Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Yoga Teacher Training. Her interest lies in many types of yoga including Pre-Natal Yoga, Yoga for Children, Mums and Bubs, Restorative and Vinyasa Yoga. She loves aromatherapy and one of her passions is complementing her Yoga practice with the use of essential oils. Besides teaching a lot of Yoga and looking after her two daughters, she also loves practicing African dance with live drumming to keep the yin/yang energies at balance.


My name is Maddy and I am new Yoga Teacher who completed their training in June this year. It was by far one of the best things I have ever done and I'm loving sharing yoga in different ways out i the community. A part from yoga I am also passionate about social justice, essential oils, my family and being a positive agent for change in the world.

Marian Cavanagh - Restorative Yoga
Physical restorative practice, suitable for all levels

Restorative yoga is a deeply rejuvenating practice, where you are supported by props to allow you to relax into long hold poses with comfort, receiving deep benefits for the whole body but especially calming for the nervous system.

Please note this workshop is limited to 15 people. You will need to bring a bolster, block and 2 blankets to the class. Please book into the class by emailing

Marian is a registered Relax and Renew Trainer, certified by Judith Lasater (one of the world’s leading authorities in restorative yoga). Initially trained as a yoga teacher by Adam and Akash Bornstein in 2008, she has been teaching restorative yoga since 2012 and is passionate about sharing this nurturing, healing practice.

Matty McDonnell - Find the balance within
Mixed Physical and Theoretical, suitable for all levels

Allow your mind to find the strength and surrender you need to achieve balance not just on the mat but in the everyday world. Vin-Yin is a power practice that allows the practitioner to strengthen the physical body, cleanse and settle the mind before delving deeper into the Soul nourishing Yin practice. Here we have time to release the nervous system, soften the joints and observe emotional patterns, behaviours, blockages ~ once observed with the light of consciousness we can create a shift toward transcendence!

With a background as an Intensive Care Nurse and Intuitive Healer Matty has a devotion to caring for people on all levels. Commencing yoga to quiet his mind, Matty found that this 6000 year old practice sung to his soul and reunited a flame deep within his heart. Matty Studied directly under Carrie-Anne Fields both as a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master for many years before commencing as a Co-Owner of My Health Yoga in 2016. Matty sees Yoga as an authentic practice that requires the student to release the Ego to allow the Soul to blossom. It is at this point that we truly understand our connection with this Universe.

Mathew Bergan - One Super Sized Sequence
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Enjoy a creatively sequenced hatha vinyasa flow designed to awaken all the sensory faculties. You will be taken on a journey of discovery that will lead you through the elements of earth (apana) and ether (prana). Awaken your embodied movement potential through the lens of traditional asana whilst cultivating mindful play and joyful expression.

Mathew Bergan is the founder of Dancing Warrior Yoga. After a successful career in dance and choreography, he discovered Hatha yoga in 1989 under the guidance of his first teacher, Shandor Remete. Mathew went on to complete his initial Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Synergy in 2000. Mathew’s passion for yoga along with his entrepreneurial drive led him to open Dancing Warrior Yoga school in 2006. Dancing Warrior Yoga’s style is creatively sequenced & fluid Hatha yoga that is accessible to all. His style fuses the kinetic qualities of movement with the muscular/skeletal foundations of Hatha yoga and conscious breathing and yoga philosophy. Mathew is best known for his unique ability to help students embody their evolving spiritual yoga practice with grace and mindfulness while highlighting a sense of happiness and personal well being as the eventual goal of the practice. Mathew integrates his 30 years of experience inquiring into human movement through his background of martial arts, dance, qigong and yoga. Mathew trained with Shri K Pattabois Jois, (Ashtanga Yoga), Simon Borg Olivier & Bianca Machliss (Yoga Synergy), Shandor Remete (Shadow Yoga), Eileen Hall (Yoga Moves) and Donna Farhi (teacher and author). Mathew has also attended master workshops with Trevor Tangye, Richard Freeman, Emma Balnaves, Geeta Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, Simon Borg Oliver and Jasmine Takeshi. Mathew also studied Hatha yoga in India with Clive Sheridan.

Murray Kyle - Live Music
Music performance, suitable for all levels

Live music performance : conscious awakened professional live music set with chanting.

From a journey rich in pilgrimage and melody, comes the auditory download of Murray Kyle’s music. Hailing from the visionary Byron Bay region of Australia, this mystical troubadour has built a dedicated international fan base from 15 years of grass roots touring all over the world. His live performances of heart medicine and earth honouring songs, successfully blend conscious lyrics and authentic intention with a well produced sound. The inner world of this profound artist comes alive on stage spanning Shamanic Soul, Conscious Roots, World, and Sacred Music genres.

Muso Foli Dance Troupe - African Dance Get Fit for Life
Dance workshop, suitable for all levels

Welcome to African Dance Class Sunshine Coast. These classes are for lovers of dance, music and for those that want a fun workout! All fitness levels are welcome and there is a focus on stretching, warm ups, and traditional high energy West African rhythm and dance moves. What are the benefits of African dance classes? African dance expresses strength, femininity and masculinity in a natural way. The interplay between the dance and the drumming is complex and exciting. It’s the most fun way to exercise hard that we can possibly think of! Fitness through rhythm. It provides a wide range of mental and physical health benefits. Learning to isolate through various movements allowing your body to build strength, flexibility and agility. The rhythm of the drums and dance collectively brings a community of people together to celebrate. A great way to learn discipline and coordination African dance allows you to unwind and reconnect to the environment around you making you more conscience and aware.

For the past year Muso Foli Dance Troupe have been performing their West African dance moves to the people of the Sunshine Coast at various events such as Ocean St World Festival and local venues like The Nook and Cranny. Their training and choreography has been mostly based on world renowned West African artists such as Moustapha Bangoura and Epizo Bangoura and you will always find them accompanied by live drumming. The four local women with origins in France, Brazil, Australia and Switzerland, come together to celebrate their love of West African dance and rhythms and are excited to be providing a West African Dance workshop for the Afro Foli Festival.

Nina Hansen - Journey through the 7 chakras - the Universe within
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Discover the fusion of mind, body and energy at this experiential journey through the activation and harmonising of the 7 chakras. This unique style of yoga uses the body as a vehicle to create positive emotions, inner peace and a meditative stillness of the mind.

Nina Hansen is the co-founder of Holistic Yoga & Meditation and has walked the spiritual path for over 18 years. Nina's profound wisdom and serenity captivates participants at the various classes, workshops and retreats she leads. Nina's spiritual dedication, insightful perceptions and loving nature feature during the numerous teachings that she offers.

Rebecca Bornstein - Defining Balance with Ayurveda
Mainly theory, suitable for all levels

We all tend to seek balance, that state when we feel calm, vital, happy and alive, that state where we touch and begin to express our full potential. But what exactly is balance? How can it be accessed and maintained? The ancient health system Ayurveda, Yoga's sister science, offers each of us precious tools and guidelines to enable us to touch this state of holistic wellbeing. It further guides us on how to understand our individual expression of balance and how to craft our lives in such a way that this natural, dynamic state can be experienced every day. Join me as we explore this intricately subtle and yet practically applicable system, which has supported living beings in their journey towards lasting health and balance for over 5,000 years.

Rebecca Bornstein is a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. She commenced the study of Ayurveda in 2006. Since 2008, she has been trained under the guidance of Dr. S. Ajit, the most experienced Ayurvedic Doctor in Australasia and the founder of Planet Ayurveda and the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies(A.I.A.S.) Rebecca has continually attended lectures, practical training intensives and webinars with Dr. Ajit over the last 9 years and is currently completing her Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda with A.I.A.S. Rebecca is passionate about working closely with people to empower them to live a balanced and harmonious life. She currently runs her clinical practice from two locations in Brisbane and, on a fortnightly basis, on the Sunshine Coast. Rebecca also teaches the Ayurveda component of the Radiant Light Yoga teacher training course and offers educational classes, lectures and cooking workshops at various venues and studios throughout Brisbane.

Rebecca Bornstein & Menaka - Music Performance
Music Performance, suitable for all levels

Come and enjoy a moving performance of songs from Rebecca, who weaves together rich, soulful vocals, rhythmic guitar, original lyrics and the words of visionaries from Rumi to Martin Luther King Jr., as well as hebrew prayers from the tradition of her ancestors.

Raised in a yoga community in California, Rebecca has been composing, singing and performing original uplifting music since childhood. She has released 4 solo albums and has collaborated with other musicians on 6 other albums. At the age of 16 Rebecca won the QLD Sunny Music Award for Song of the Year. She loves to harness the power of music to unite people of all cultures and faiths, combining prayers and messages from her own life, the Yoga tradition, the Sufi tradition and the Jewish tradition of her heritage. Rebecca now performs solo as well as in the devotional world fusion trio "Spirit of Bhakti".

Samantha Doyle - Core Strength Workshop: The Secret to progressing your practice
Mix of theory and practice, suitable for all levels

Ever wanted to go deeper into your practice, but not sure how to take it to the next level? In this fun and interactive Core Yoga Workshop, we explore the core teachings behind progressing your practice- physically, mentally and spiritually. Be ready to stretch your body and mind and burst through your perceived limitations! Suitable for all levels, ages and styles.

Samantha Doyle, 30, is a passionate yoga teacher, personal trainer and mother of four based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Sami teaches at retreats and festivals internationally and has her own women’s wellness business. She strives to make the ancient practices of yoga and Ayurveda accessible and relevant to modern living.

Sarah Haralambous - Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

An introduction to the simplicity and grace of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series sequence. Yogis will hopefully walk away with an understanding and experience of the Ashtanga Yoga method.

Sarah is a student of the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage and spends her days sharing her passion as a full time Yoga Teacher on the Sunshine Coast. She loves animals, the ocean, the sunshine, reading, learning new things and spending time in her garden with her dog Doogal and partner Guy :)

Sarah-Rose Sellars - FREE SUP Yoga (own board required)
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Basic run down on Sup Yoga board, paddle and set up. Start- breath and meditation Warm the body Yoga Flow 5 minutes partner fun Finish class with meditation and savasana.

My name is Sarah-rose I'm currently teaching vinyasa yoga and Sup yoga. My love for surfing, yoga, the ocean and nature has brought me to practice Yoga on top of the water. I'm forever grateful for finding this awesome practice as I feel it reduces stress, calms the mind and builds a strong foundation for your practice on the land. Water, nature and yoga are all healing and Sup Yoga brings in all of them together to make the perfect combination.

Selina Stewart - FREE BEGINNER CLASS - Smile Within
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Smile within yoga session will awaken your senses and heart with intentions to restore and appreciate the body. Leading with your breath embodies a feeling of strength and surrender through rhythmical movement and relaxation. This will allow the body to open up and release in its own pace. Completing the session with a guided relaxation feeling connected, relaxed and enlivened.

Selina Stewart is a fully qualified Hatha yoga teacher with 20 years experience. "Yoga for me is an expression of life. Iam so grateful to practice the teachings and techniques in my daily life and now share with others. I love to encourage and support others through the practice of yoga, allowing them to truly reconnect through movement, breath and relaxation/meditation. My aim is to instill and restore peace, balance and joy within. Therefore giving individuals the best opportunity to reach their full physical, mental and spiritual potential throughout their journey of life"

Sherrelle Dolphin - Yin Partner Yoga
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Yin Partner Yoga offered by Sherrelle from Live Your Yoga will give space to unite two bodies through mindfulness, receptivity and stillness. Yin yoga is a quiet practice focusing on deep fascial release of primarily the lower body, namely hips and legs. Incorporating elements of hands on adjustments and Thai massage, this slow moving and meditative class will also explore ways to release the upper body including back and shoulders. If you are interested in experiencing the receptivity and balance required to move into easeful partnership with another through traditional Yin yoga postures, mindful awareness and loving kindness, then this session is for you. Your partner might be a friend, lover or someone that you pair up with when you arrive.

Sherrelle began her formal exploration of yoga after experiencing first hand the benefits that guided relaxation and breath awareness had on her mind and nervous system. Through her own practice, she has developed an accessible style of teaching that is balanced in strength, flow, alignment & meditative stillness. After completing her foundational teacher training with Being Yoga on the Sunshine Coast, she has furthered her training with Simon Park (Prana Flow) and most recently Jasmine Tarkeshi of Laughing Lotus in San Francisco. It is this ongoing process of learning that provides the fresh insights that constantly inspire her teaching.

Soraya Saraswati - Yoga Nidra
Guided meditation, suitable for all levels

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a unique experience that is neither the waking nor the sleep state as we know it. We enter what is known in modern psychology a hypnagogic state of mind. In the hypnagogic state, the subconscious and unconscious aspects of the mind become open and receptive. Our daily behaviour is largely a result of these subconscious and unconscious samskaras or patterns, memories, fears, impressions and beliefs. Through the very systematic practice of Yoga Nidra these samskaras can be released to create balance in the personality. Daily practice of Yoga Nidra can bring us into a profound state of relaxation and connectedness with our inner self. Yoga Nidra practiced in Shavasana (lying on the mat) offers profound rejuvenation of body and mind at all stages of yoga progression. Soraya will have her Yoga Nidra cd available for home practice.

Soraya Saraswati has been living a yogic lifestyle and teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation for the past 35 years. After spending 8 years of disciplined life in the Satyananda Yoga Ashrams, Soraya went on to raise a family and teach yoga in the community. Soraya now travels with partner Terry Oldfield performing Music from the Heart. She has recently published her memoir, "Shining Through - From Grief to Gratitude" where she shares how the yogic foundations of mindfulness, meditation, forgiveness and gratitude helped her overcome the shocking grief of losing a brother and son to suicide. Soraya and Terry Oldfield offers mind sanctuary retreats with a focus on Music Meditation and Mindfulness with gentle yoga.

Stacey Nelson - Yoga Therapy for Burnout
Yoga Therapy- theory, gentle asana, pranayama, suitable for all levels

Feeling tired all the time? Overwhelmed? You’re not alone. In an overstimulating, hyper-connected world, it is common to experience adrenal fatigue or burn out. Yes- even yoga teachers experience burn out! In this gentle Yoga Therapy session, you will learn some simple tips; yoga poses and breathing techniques to balance the adrenal glands and help you find your spark once again.

Stacey Nelson is a Yoga Fest and Yoga Day favourite with her unique Yoga Therapy classes. She lights up when she teaches, and loves sharing her knowledge in an easy to understand format with simple take home programs. Stacey is a Level 3 Yoga Teacher; Teacher Trainer; Yoga Therapist; Children's Yoga Teacher and AcroYoga teacher.

Stephen Ramsdale - Tai Chi - Internal Circles
Mix of physical and practical information, suitable for all levels

Internal exercises which stimulate natural co-ordinated movement throughout the body. The use of circular movements and relaxation to enable natural physiological reflex response to proprioceptive senses producing effortless strength and balance in continuous movement.

Formerly a professional scientist, Stephen is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Tang Soo Tao, 7th Generation Yang Tai Chi Disciple, Diploma Qualified Fitness Specialist: Personal Trainer with specialty qualifications in Older Adults; Children; Special Populations (Disability); Group Exercise (Freestyle); Pilates. Stephen has travelled to China frequently to study Tai Chi with 5th generation Yang Tai Chi Grandmasters. In 2012 Stephen performed Short Form, Long form and Sword Form Yang Tai Chi at the 9th Zhejiang International Traditional Wushu Competition and was awarded the Gold Medal for 1st place in all three events. Stephen teaches Tai Chi in Caloundra.

Susanne McAllister - The Joy of Moving YOUR Body's way
Movement class, suitable for all levels

This short workshop is designed for those who are new to Nia. We will explore some of the 52 moves of Nia, designed to experience the five sensations (flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability). We dance Nia using YOUR Body's Way with pleasure! Nia is a sensory based movement practice! A dynamic blend of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. Balancing technical precision with free-form expression, Nia brings the body, mind, emotions and spirit to optimum health through music, movement and self-expression, guided by the sensation of Pleasure. Optimize your health. Sense your body. Dance your spirit. Experience self-healing and self-expression.

Susanne McAllister has been working in private practice as a Wellness Coach, Counsellor, Mentor and Clinical Hypnotherapist over the last 15 years in Spain, Germany and Australia. She has a string of degrees to her name and a passion for teaching Nia Dance, which she has been doing in various locations for 6 years. She is a fully licensed Nia Instructor with many years of teaching and dedication to this somatic practice that follows' The Joy of Movement" principle.

Suzanne Swan - Women's Yoga: Practicing with your Lunar Cycle
Presentation, suitable for all levels

This women's yoga workshop will examine how the cycles of evolution, particularly the lunar cycle, inform your yoga practice. There are specific ways of practicing yoga during each phase of the moon which will enhance your well being as a woman. The guidance given in the workshop will assist you to develop your own personal practice based on your hormonal and lunar cycle.

Suzanne Swan is the principal teacher and founder of YogaBaby, Brisbane's school of Fertilty/Prenatal/Active Birth/Postnatal Yoga. She has a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology, is a Senior Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, an Advanced Educator with Childbirth and Parenting Education Association (CAPEA) and is a Registered Calmbirth® Practitioner. Her yoga practice for the last twenty-five years has been dedicated to understanding how meditation, breathwork and yoga enhance hormonal balance and women's health. She has been teaching Fertility Yoga in Brisbane since 2005.

Tanya Zappala - Support your shoulders, neck and wrists.
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Do you have tension in your shoulders, neck? Sore wrists? Ask yourself 'How do you hold yourself in your yoga practice?' Throughout every day we use our upper body more often then our lower body. We do more actions that involve reaching, grabbing, lifting, eating and typing. We also do more activities that involve longer periods of sitting, driving, behind a computer or work in confined places. This repetitive use of our upper body keeps continual connection, therefore in activities like your yoga practice you will tend to use your arms first, so naturally they get overworked. This class will teach you to be more mindful of accessing power and support from your lower body. In turn will allow you to relax and soften your shoulders and neck, which will then take excessive strain off your wrists.

Tanya has been teaching yoga in Brisbane since 2004 and continues to find joy every day in creating a safe supported space where people can embrace themselves again. Tanya's background comes from varied sources. Her favourite teachers have been from the Anusara tradition for John Friends intelligent alignment cues, Shiva Rea for remembering to remain fluid not rigid in her growth. Clive Sheridan for his powerful pranayama teachings and Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine for showing how easy and joyful a meditation practice can be. Tanya sees we all resonate differently to yoga, it's from this diversity that keeps Tanya in touch with welcoming a wider community of students.

Tracy Gray - Moving your Spine for Total Well-being
A mix of physical practice and theory, suitable for all levels

Ignite your inner fire and engage your core to enhance your strength, flexibility and overall well-being. Influenced by the techniques of vinyasa yoga, calligraphy yoga, qi gong and yoga therapy, Tracy will take you through a mindful flowing practice to mobilise your spine, increase blood circulation and tonify the internal organs. With variations to suit all levels of practitioner, from beginners to advanced, these sessions will stretch and revitalise your body and your mind. This session will provide you with new insights for your practice on the mat as well as daily life.


Tracy Gray is a seasoned yoga instructor and yoga therapist from the Northside of Brisbane who draws from the traditions of vinyasa and calligrapy yoga, as well as contemporary knowledge of physical alignment and anatomy. Teaching since 2009, Tracy is well known for her attention to detail in physical alignment, bringing greater strength and more ease into your practice. Drawing on her training in yoga therapy and calligraphy yoga (a nourishing fusion of yoga and qi gong), Tracy’s classes are a moving meditation, connecting movement to breath as you draw your focus within. With a keen interest in bio-mechanics and physiology, she is a teacher trainer for the Santosha Teacher Training program in Bali and runs her own teacher training program in Brisbane with Kaya Slater.

Vivianne Barry - Yoga for Building Energy
Physical & Theoretical, suitable for all levels

Short sequences of asanas (poses) and breath techniques that can be used unobtrusively in any setting to invigorate the body and bring clarity to the mind. Includes - Yogananda’s double-breath energization techniques - The Five Tibetans - Surya Namaskar variations with pranayama & sounding - Shakti Flow – voicing, shaking & tapping. Learn to increase energy in the body and be more aware of its flow and generate a sense of wellbeing. Doing any of these exercises before meditation will help release stored body tension, oxygenate the blood and assist you to sit still longer and more comfortably.

Yoga has been a lifetime companion to Vivianne since her early ‘20s. Initially as a sanctuary during an intense career, evolving into deeper personal exploration transitioning into full-time teaching and then founding Yoga Circle Noosa in 2013. Vivianne’s yoga journey is grounded in the Astanga and Iyengar traditions, then trained to teach by Adam & Akash Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga plus inspired by many other yogis and forms of yoga expression. Teaching Vinyasa yoga as a meditation of breath, movement and positive intention, Vivianne guides us to channel energy from around and within, to clear internal energetic pathways and so heal the body and feel peaceful connection. Her classes are set with the intention of a transformational mind-body experience. Vivianne teaches yoga and meditation at Yoga Circle Noosa and hosts workshops and retreats. She is available to facilitate private groups and lead retreats locally or internationally. Vivianne also offers Shamanic Kahuna massage, incorporating sound therapy into her healing sessions.

Yamuna Puri - Classical Hatha Yoga
Yoga philosophy experienced in your physical practice, suitable for all levels

Experience "Yoga" - union, in your physical practice. Relaxed physical practice followed by Meditation with emphasis on the chakras. Lots of Stretching suitable for all levels. Guidance into stronger postures aimed to experience the effect of the postures on the energy centres - major chakras and the benefits on the related glands- with easier options for the Beginner or anyone needing a lighter practice. Followed by pranayam and meditation.

Yamuna Puri has been practicing Yoga since her early 20's. She has been teaching the Yoga in Daily Life System after meeting her Yoga Master Vishwaguruji in 1999. She is managing the Yoga in Daily Life Centre in Maroochydore and lately in Kureelpa. She also is a very experienced Kinesiologist combining the 2 modalities to help the person's natural journey into "harmony and health for body, mind and soul."

Ziko Hart - Musical performance
Music performance,  suitable for all levels

Ziko Hart is a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for connecting people to the natural world, and their emotions, through his music. For over three decades he has been playing unusual instruments from around the world, and creating contemporary music from this fusion of traditional and unique instruments. His love of nature and traveling has taken him around the world and around Australia, touring extensively and performing everywhere from small cafes and yoga studios to large festivals. He is also well-known to many through his collaborations with the beautiful duo Sacred Earth… joining them in concert along the East Coast of Australia, and featuring on their album “kuTumba". After spending time in Africa studying African harp he immersed himself in developing a new style of music, utilizing the warm healing tones of the African harps to create a unique mellow sound that brings a sense of peace and joyful ease to his audience. Perfect for anyone who wants to relax, de-stress, meditate and allow the body, mind and heart to find its own healing space. Ziko is an innovative independent Australian artist, who has recorded 5 albums in the past 10 years. His captivating music can be found on Bandcamp: