YogaFest 2019 presenters.

Below you'll find information on the teachers & and their presentations available at YogaFest 2019
(in alphabetical order)
Angela Kapudija - Yoga Dance - Dancing Freedom
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Yoga Dance is an invitation to move as you are, in your own expression, a practice of letting go and surrendering. A place you can shake out the tension, stomp out the inner critic, breath out the fears that hold you back, SO that we find ourselves living in the moment, in flow, fully engaged & present, moving with peace, harmony, clarity, gratitude and jumping with JOY.Yoga Dance is a guided and free-form movement exploration, where through the Dancing Freedom map we dance an elemental wave of 5 movement styles.Yoga Dance is where we take our spirituality off the yoga mat into connection with each other, the space and engaging with life. Yoga Dance is a fusion of Yoga philosophy, Dancing Freedom, 5 rhythms, Nia, Soul Motion, African Tribal, Feldenkrais, Laban, Osho Dynamic and Open Floor. Move as little or as much as you like, its your dance.

About Angela:

Inner Rhythm Dance Camp Founder and Dancing Freedom facilitator, Angela brings forth her passion for dance as a means to get to know ourselves intimately, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
How we move on the dance floor is an analogy of our lives and it directly correlates with how we live, think, breath and act in the ‘real’ world. Therefore the dance floor become a playground for learning how to live life fully.

David Flower - Music Performance
David Flower is a singer songwriter from the east coast of Australia with progressive roots, blues and reggae influences. He is known for his high-energy, spontaneous performances.

Erin Ashley - Strong Back, Soft Front - Wild Heart
Physical practice, suitable for all levels
The way we use and move our body is a metaphor for how we participate in life as a whole. Be supported during this yoga class to move your body with integrity, boundaries and resilience, so that you can gently open your heart and hear your own powerful insights about your own yoga practice. Then, just watch how this translates into your everyday life, as you become clearer on your core values while remaining open-hearted and positive about life. This class is suitable for beginners to advanced, and Erin caters for all fitness levels and abilities, offering plenty of modifications. Highly recommended for anyone facing challenges or adversity, that wants to become more empowered to lead a happy life anyway.
About Erin:

When she’s not travelling the world sharing the benefits of mindfulness, yoga and meditation, you’ll find Erin Ashley on the Sunshine Coast teaching weekly mindful yoga classes and workshops at Chenrezig Institute (Buddhist Centre in Eudlo) and the Fresh Holistic Health Centre (Forest Glen). Erin is treasured for her ability to awaken the wisdom-body, through her graceful guidance and delivery of inspirational, empowering life messages in each of her yoga classes. With a focus on mindfulness and emotional balance, Erin offers gentle yet powerful yoga sequences, supporting you to move in a rich and meaningful way so that you can then go and do the same off the yoga mat - move through life in a purposeful and empowering way.

Gaylyn Aitken - Aligned Movement
Mix of practical and theoretical info.


Our body functions ideally when our muscles are at a certain length. Muscles act upon the body contracting and releasing to create motion. This motion is most evident as we move from one position to another but also creates a pump like action upon our organs, nervous system and fluids. When our muscles are contracted due to misalignment of the skeleton this pump like action is inhibited and is one of the contributing factors for aging. This short presentation for Aligned Movement will show you what you can do to recover alignment and reconnect neural pathways to underused muscles and to sustain that recovery by first showing you how to rest in an aligned position to change sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze) responses to parasympathetic (rest/digest/heal) and Micro Movements – reconnecting electrical flow to underused muscles to improve range of motion in your joints.​

About Gaylyn:

Gaylyn discovered Yoga in 1976 as alternative preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. She continued regular home practice and trained with two stand out teachers, Nicky Knoff and Else Stewart on the Gold Coast and in 2013 trained as a Yoga instructor.
She began her massage training at The Institute of Applied Sciences in Brisbane and also took three workshops with Mette Sorensen. This led her to Hawai'i where she completed her training with Kahuna Abraham Kawai'i, the founder of Kahuna Sciences and Kahuna Bodywork.
From him she developed a deeper understanding of the functioning of the human body subject to the force of gravity and earth rebound, its primal biological needs and how best to supply them.
She runs a busy Movement studio and massage bodywork rooms functioning on the universal principles taught by the Kahuna. She teaches Aligned Movement and Original Kahuna Bodywork in Australia and New Zealand.

heather joy 2.jpeg
Heather Joy Campbell - Laughter Yoga
Interactive workshop, suitable for all levels


Laughter yoga has nothing to do with jokes and humour and everything to do with health and wellbeing. Let the inner child come out to play in a healthful fun session involving gentle stretches, simulated laughter exercises and deep slow breaths.

About Heather:

HeatherJoy Campbell is a global ambassador for Laughter Yoga International, trained by the practice's founder Dr Madan Kataria. A certified teacher, this Brisbane-based laughter yoga teacher travels throughout Queensland, delivering uplifting playshops in workplaces and community groups, and training laughter leaders to run volunteer-run neighbourhood laughter clubs. Her community giveback is a weekly laughter club at The Gap in Brisbane.

Jema Lee Krause - Discovering Ayurveda for your Unique Body Type
Yoga has hit the world by storm and Ayurveda is the next big thing. This ancient health science of Ayurveda is quiet in-depth and in this workshop you'll learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda, how to integrate these into your modern day to day life and discover your own unique Ayurvedic body Type. Join us and walk away knowing how to easily embrace an Ayurvedic life-style through how you move, what you eat, your personality and lifestyle!

About Jema:

Jema Lee’s a minimalistic yoga lover and health nutter who takes ancestral ways of living and teaches you how to apply them into this modern world simplistically and easily. As an Ayurvedic nutritional educator and wellness coach Jema's known for her integrity, warmth and ability to communicate a sometimes overwhelming topic with a no-gimmick approach.
Her friendly, fun, educational and informative live events equip you through health confusion and frustration. Guiding you to reconnecting with your own inner wisdom so you can start living in harmony with your body and become the healthiest versions of you!

jenelle 2.jpeg
Jenelle Leat - Reciprocal Release
Physical practice
This class explores various ways to encourage the body to open and go deeper into postures with less force, strain and stress. We do this by using the body's innate reflex called 'Reciprocal Inhibition'. This approach to postures and movement encourages sustainability within your yoga practice and helps to maintain parasympathetic arousal (rest and digest) rather than sympathetic dominance (fight or flight). This is an all levels class and you can expect to learn many unique techniques which will help you to invite the body to open for you rather than forcing it. As a result, your practice becomes more beneficial, sustainable and therapeutic

About Jenelle:

With 13 years of practice under my belt I have experienced the aches, pains and injuries that are often associated with ‘pushing’ the body way too hard. I’ve been through many ups and downs with my yoga practice; obsessing over it, hating it, walking away from it, coming back to it and finding new love for it. Ultimately, I realised that my approach to the practice wasn’t sustainable on a physical, mental or emotional level. This lead me to where I am at now; running my own business – New Standard Yoga and Fitness Centre – and helping others discover ways to build up and refocus their approach to their yoga practice, in an attempt to incorporate more sustainability.

jess white.jpg
Jess White - What is Yoga?


Is yoga old or new? What are the origins of the practices we know and love today? Does yoga contain one essential philosophy, or several? Are the practices we perform today the same or different to those practiced by the yogis of the distant past. This talk will delve into the world of yoga history, as seen from the perspective of modern yoga studies. Perfect for yoga teachers and all deep thinkers, this talk will reveal many fresh and little known ideas and perspectives about this thing we call yoga.

About Jess:

Jess has been leading yoga classes across Brisbane since 2008. While Jess has always been fascinated by a variety of spiritual and philosophical traditions, when it came to yoga she felt drawn to explore more deeply. This seeking spirit led her to study World Religions at the University of Queensland where her thesis on modern yoga earned her a number of essay prizes. Jess has lectured on Yoga and Hindu sacred texts at UQ and led many discussion sessions that draw from both her practical experience as a yoga teacher and the academic study of old and modern yoga. She believes that by thinking deeply and broadly about the ideas we encounter in modern yoga, we stand to develop a more mature and ethical relationship with yoga and with ourselves.

jo kelly.jpg
Jo Kelly - Mantra Sound Bath
interactive workshop

Be bathed in the soothing, healing sounds of Jo Kelly’s Cafe Mantra Music.  You may chant along, meditate or lay down in and relax as Jo’s beautiful music and gentle rhythms take you on a journey into peace.  This session will infuse you with deeply nourishing and calming music using mantra sounds and song with harmonium accompaniment and hypnotic rhythms paced at 60 beats per minute. This tempo naturally soothes your mind and nervous system without effort, giving you profound rest and rejuvenation.
Come chant, relax, meditate, go deep and feel the bliss!

About Jo:

Jo Kelly is a multi award winning songwriter, conscious music artist and qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.
She’s been singing all her life but her true musical heart was untouched until she went to India. Jo fell in love with healing sounds, exotic instruments and classical mantras that touched her heart and inspired her to record a range of albums for yoga and meditation. Since India Jo has recorded seven albums under her brand Cafe Mantra and continues to record new music as divine inspiration comes forth.
Jo travels Australia and abroad to festivals, yoga retreats and events to share the sounds of spirit and the sacred science of mantra with yogis worldwide.
Listen Jo’s music at: 

John Shaw - A first step intoduction to Hatha yoga practice
mix of practical and theoretical info.


Yoga is for everyone and sometimes if you are feeling a little daunted by the prospect of giving it a try all you need to do is to take that first step. This session I hope to introduce new and and to revise for experienced students the joy of connecting to their bodies using the breath (pranayama) , gentle stretching and postures (asanas) and relaxation techniques.

About John:

I have been practicing Yoga for almost 25 years and have been a member of International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) since 2000 having completed the IYTA Teaching Diploma in 2001. I was blessed to have been taught by Lesleigh Camm in Toowoomba at her Yoga school. After being a student for 4 years she encouraged me to enrol in the IYTA teacher training to further my knowledge. I subsequently taught with her for 12 years before relocating to the Sunshine Coast. Over the years I have been lucky to have been a part of the IYTA network and have attended workshops by great teachers such as Donna Fahri , Michael Lee , Simon Borg Oliver as well as Dr. Ananada Balyayogi Bhavana and many more gifted people associated with IYTA. My journey has allowed me to have great experiences and make valuable friends and given me insight into how Yoga can cultivate a postive attitude to life . I believe that Yoga has something for everyone and can truly make a difference in our daily life and encourage students take a gentle approach and respect and embrace their limitations.

john shaw.jpeg
Jost Sauer - Yoga and the mystical, medicinal lifestyle

We need something mystical in our lives every day to temporarily escape from the mundaneness of day-to-day existence into the realm of spirit, because this medicine for our body and our souls. This is what yoga is all about. It floods us with prana or chi, this activates our mystical ‘chi organs’ and here lies the magical healing power of the body, our potential, our purpose, our youthfulness and vitality; and our destiny. Our 21st century lifestyle is high-stressed and over-committed, it creates illness. This always starts on an energy level, in your ‘chi organs’ but healing starts here as well. Jost will show you how to use your yoga practice to activate and unleash the full powers of your ‘chi organs’, to value-add to the precious time you have for your yoga, with a modern mystical and medicinal lifestyle.

About Jost:

Jost was born in Germany in 1958 and is a registered acupuncturist, popular author and lifestyle medicine expert with over 30 years therapeutic experience. Jost’s passion is health and fitness, and his background includes competitive skiing (at a national level), body-building, and triathlon and ironman training. When he discovered chi he realised that fitness is only half the health story; chi is where the real power lies. Chi holds the secrets to anti-ageing, slim bodies, spiritual connection and success in every aspect of life. In his relentless pursuit of chi, Jost has self-experimented with supplements, medicinal herbs, diet, exercise, meditation and martial arts for over three decades. Jost shares his insights into chi-based lifestyle hacks via his books, blogs and website; he coaches on using chi to optimise physical, emotional and spiritual health for everyone from CEOs to professional athletes; and he is a speaker renowned for entertaining presentations on lifestyle as medicine.

Susie Garden 3.jpeg
Susie Garden  - Deepening the Mind-Body Connection with Yin Yoga
Physical practice, suitable for all levels


Want to strengthen and understand your Mind-Body Connection? The delicious fascia stretches that we dive into in Yin Yoga invite long holds providing us with the gift of time to quiet the mind. Susie holds space for you and guides you into a state of deep relaxation with her calm voice, breath guidance and wisdom. Her class sequence has been deliberately crafted to activate the chi flow through your meridians to harmonise your body and mind. In this divine Yin Yoga class you’ll be invited to look within, to reflect and to challenge yourself to BE with yourself in this highly contemplative state. Yin Yoga is the balance to your Yang practice and is ideal for all levels of yogi.

About Susie:

Susie Garden has practised yoga for over 20 years and completed teacher training to deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga philosophy. Her experiences teaching in Bali and practicing in India uncovered a strong desire in her to share her knowledge and leave her corporate career to pursue a life more in line with her values. She originally trained in Hatha Yoga and then Yin Yoga in 2014 and this has become her passion. She recently returned from California training with Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin. Susie’s love of yoga shines through in her teaching style, and her students always walk away from her classes feeling relaxed in the body and mind. Susie is also a practising Naturopath and an Acupuncture student and has a deep understanding of the Mind-Body connection. Her work with the Australian Army teaching injured soldiers is the highlight of her week.

leisa baldwin 3.jpeg
Leisa Baldwin - The power of the pelvis
Physical practice, suitable for all levels


The pelvis plays an integral part in our asana practice: as the way we position the pelvis is critical for postural alignment, optimum pelvic floor function and providing stability. Along with the structural support, improving access to the base of the body is the key to unlocking the reservoirs of energy that reside there. In this alignment based class let’s look at how the way we use the legs impacts on the pelvis and the effects adjusting our posture has on the natural curves of the spine and the energetic body. Looking at a range of asana groups we can gain a better understanding of the power of our pelvis.

About Leisa:

Leisa Baldwin is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher at the Maroochydore Yoga Centre who is passionate about making yoga available to all regardless of age or ability. After teaching in Darwin for 10 years she moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2014 where she is continuing her journey as both a student and
a teacher. She has a special interest in anatomy and kinesiology and how our understanding of the form and structure of the body can improve our asana practice. Leisa has studied with the Iyengar family in India, Australia and Malaysia and is dedicated to the traditions associated with the practice.

Marian Cavanagh - Restorative Yoga Intro
Physical practice, suitable for everyone 

 Get a taste of the deep relaxation that you can experience through restorative yoga, where props support you, allowing you to fully relax in the poses, soothing and rejuvenating your nervous system. You will need to bring at least one bolster, one yoga blanket and one yoga block (more is better) to attend this class. Limited numbers. To book into the class please email

About Marian:

Marian is a registered Relax and Renew Trainer, certified by Judith Lasater (one of the world’s leading authorities in restorative yoga) and is passionate about sharing this nurturing, healing practice. She specialises in long, deep, quietly held poses. She is a restorative yoga teacher trainer, has been teaching yoga for over 10 years, and has hundreds of hours of restorative teaching practice.

matilda burford copy 2.jpg
Matilda Burford - Zenthai Shiatsu Partner Massage
interactive workshop

Want someone else to do your yoga for you? Come and explore the art of therapeutic touch in this Zenthai Shiatsu partner massage workshop. This modality of bodywork involves a fusion of Zen Shiatsu and Osteopathic Thai Massage. Bring a friend, or come along and meet someone new as we dive into this wholesome and powerful healing practice. You will leave this workshop with some wonderful tools and a bodywork sequence to support common issues of the lower and upper back.

About Matilda:

Want someone else to do your yoga for you? Come and explore the art of therapeutic touch in this Zenthai Shiatsu partner massage workshop. This modality of bodywork involves a fusion of Zen Shiatsu and Osteopathic Thai Massage. Bring a friend, or come along and meet someone new as we dive into this wholesome and powerful healing practice. You will leave this workshop with some wonderful tools and a bodywork sequence to support common issues of the lower and upper back.

Mette Sorensen - Body Heart and Mind Conection
Interactive workshop, suitable for all levels.


Breathe stretch move laugh relax. People learn best by having fun. Games can free the mind and lift the spirit . Exercises help es tap into our inner child and often, when we are in this place of trust and freedom, we are able to let go and connect. Games potentially connect us with our own higher purpose, dreams, visions and passions, as well as with the people around us, including family members, colleagues, co-creators, and students.
When we connect to a higher place, we can teach, learn, play, parent and love so much better.
Mette's is deep fun and full of Danish ancient and modern physical culture to access heightened states of awareness.
Mettes class is dynamic and aimed to suit individual needs and also using various Bodywork and relaxation techniques to gain clarity of mind and possibly go out into space.
Come enjoy yourself
“ touch and be touched and just be you”
“unleash more of who you truly are and connect more to your creative self”

About Mette:

I believe IN LIFE. I love PEOPLE AND NATURE. I appreciate HONESTY
I do HAVE FUN EVERYDAY. I feel PRIVILEGED that my life is my work
I have fun when I AM WITH PEOPLE and PLAY
I live IN NATURE. I commit To spreading magic where ever I go.
My team is like my family I love them and care for them
My husband is my rock my man my friend and lover
My home is my temple my place of peace and serenity
MY Favorite friends are the ones who I have a sense of family with we can be who we are do what we feel and express everything freely
Mette arrived TO AUSTRALA 1996 with suit case a massage table and a Dream. She and her Husband Jorgen opened “High Spirits Retreat” in the Noosa Hinterland Qld. A live in training centre/retreat dedicated to yoga, personal- spiritual development including ka huna massage lomi lomi and leadership/facilitation training

natasha - michael.jpeg
Natasha Rumble and Michael McDowall - Natural Instinctive Meditation and The Radiance Sutras
Interactive workshop


You’ve heard about the benefits of meditation? Manage stress, enjoy better sleep , enjoy healthier relationships and be more productive and effective in your work and your life!!!
Maybe you’ve tried meditation but didn’t ‘get it’, it didn’t feel right, you ‘just fell asleep’, or it was kind of irritating/boring/uncomfortable?
What if Meditation is an overall physiological response – an integrated mind-body state? What if meditation is natural and you may already have your own, innate and unique style? What if the ability to meditate is built-in, and there are thousands of ways of accessing it?
In this 50 minute workshop we will invite you to try a couple of techniques that will allow you to access that Natural, Instinctive meditative state. People who have been meditating for years, or are only just thinking about starting a practice are welcome to come and explore this fresh approach to meditation.

About Natasha & Michael:

Natasha and Michael are two of just a handful of Australian teachers accredited by Dr Lorin Roche and Camille Marueen as Radiance Sutra Meditation Teachers.
Natasha has been teaching yoga since 2005. Her original formal influences were Classical and Ashtanga Yoga and, over the years she has been inspired by many others styles, predominantly Shiva Reas’ evolutionary form of Prana Flow Yoga, and more recently Sadie Nardini, of Core-Strength Vinyasa Yoga She has been trained and mentored by Dr Lorin Roche, since 2010. Tash is currently taking training with Camille Maurine in her Meditation Secrets for Women internship.

Michael Completed Teacher Training with Radiant Light Yoga in 2011teaching asana at Clayfield Yoga and Meditation workshops at Clayfield and YogSol - Ferny Grove. He has been studying with Lorin and Camille since 2016.

Sherrelle Dolphin - Pilates For The Core
Physical practice

‘Pilates For The Core’ will challenge the strength and endurance of your abdominal muscles through a series of modern and traditional exercises. Originally called ‘Contrology’, the method teaches us to locate and activate our deep Core, accessing a level of stability and encouraging a greater sense of support throughout our torso and spine. Get ready to work those abs!

About Sherrelle:

Sherrelle passionately teaches Pilates, Yoga, Barre, AntiGravity, Circus, Cycle, TRX.. encouraging movement as medicine! She is a certified STOTT Pilates Matwork and Reformer Instructor with her ultimate goal being to deliver Instructor Training programs. Currently a dancer in the Sunshine Coast’s very own contemporary dance company, Neo Vida, Sherrelle loves spending time in the dance studio, taking class or rehearsing for upcoming productions.

Susanne McAllister - Movement to create balance and wellness from within.
Mix of practical and theoretical info, suitable for all levels.


This workshop of movement, sound and connection by master facilitator Susanne McAllister, speaks to the universal dialogue of the body. A mindful workout that opens your eyes to each moment as a possibility of seeing new aspects of yourself.
Share and express from the heart, strengthen connections with others and explore movement in a playful, joyful way. We'll practice movement forms designed to create balance and wellness within, connect with Joy, playful physical sensation and increase vitality by moving your body in ways that feel good to you that goes beyond words.

About Susanne:

Susanne McAllister is a published Author, Health and Wellness Coach, Yoga, Nia and Mindfulness Teacher, Speaker and Psychotherapist that is passionate about helping like minded souls to reach their truest potential inJOY.

Tammy headshot for festivals  copy_edite
Tammy Williams - Mindfulness Based Roll n Release with Long Slow Deep
mix of practical and theoretical info

In this class of Mindful Roll n Release you will be invited to take a tour of certain landmarks in the body as an embodied practice of Mindfulness + Yoga. This invitation can bring us into deeper relationship of the First Foundation of Mindfulness of Body + Breath Sensations. Roll n Release has many benefits giving us an opportunity to notice our trigger points, sensitive little spots in the fascia surrounding the skeletal muscle. When these associated nodules in the bands of the muscle fibres are palpated they have a ripple effect on other parts of the body aswel as connections to the subtle body.

Through the use of balls we can hydrate areas giving them more potential to get stronger or more flexible making it a beneficial practice to include to help all styles of Yoga. We are constantly receiving information from both our external environment and our self talk – so by including Roll n Release in your health regime you are not only going to improve other styles of Yoga on the mat, but will give you insights that reveal the Yoga Sutras & Mindfulness Teachings. By its therapeutic nature of learning how to down regulate (relax) not only is a great entrée for Long Slow Deep Yoga Practices but it also helps us feel more and learn more about how we relate to aspects of ourselves. It helps us process things physically, mentally and emotionally without necessarily having to talk about it – just feel what’s happening in the moment.  In this way it becomes a meditation practice in its own right.

About Tammy:

Founder / Principle Teacher / Author of NRG Training Programs
Tammy Williams has been running Yoga Teacher Training, Mindfulness Training, World Class Retreats and Events across Australia for many years. She has been invited to teach YOGA + MINDFULNESS at Yoga Festivals, World Famous Music & Arts Festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival & Fitness + Personal Development Conferences for companies such as GE Finance and the QLD Police Service and is invited by yoga studio owners to mentor and deliver training.
Tammy has been in the health industry since 1994 and has taught over 7800 hours of yoga classes & training. Life experience and her professional career in many fields of nursing, health promotion, disease prevention has given her an understanding of the mind and how it effects all health, healing and relationship. This supports a unique and inspirational dialogue in her teaching that is open, honest and real.

wendy sugars 3 2.jpeg
Wendy Sugars - Chair Yoga
Interactive workshop, suitable for all levels.

We will be exploring the humble chair and how it can make us aware of our alignment and enrich and improve our poses.For those of us that have been doing yoga for a while less effort is required so that there is more attention brought to balance and a deepening of poses. It can increase the duration of the pose therefore allowing more focus on the breath. For those that have just started yoga you can ease yourself slowly into the poses with the gentle support of the chair.

About Wendy:

I am a certified senior yoga teacher who has been teaching Iyengar Yoga since 1986. I was lucky enough to have had training directly from BKS himself when he taught Australian groups independently in Pune for many years. I travel overseas regularly to Pune, UK and USA. 
With my Iyengar practice, I provide a supportive, unique, and individualised approach to my teaching.

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