Emmanuelle Brown - Find Your Inner Compass 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels


Expand your Awareness to Discover Your Inner Compass. This authentic Himalayan Ashram experience from the Foothills of the Himalaya; will elegantly enhance your inner wisdom and sense of self. Developed for centuries and not watered down in anyway, this life- affirming & sophisticated approach will propel your practice to the next level... See you on the mat

Emmanuelle Brown is the owner and director of Chirn Park Pilates & Yoga studio one of Gold Coast’s most popular and highly respected Pilates and Yoga Gold Coast studios. After 16 years of working within the health and wellness industries Emmanuelle would shares her years of experience through international & homebound retreats, teacher trainings and hosting high quality workshops with some of the most respected Yogis in the world. Her passion for exotic perfumes & organic living products will also be available to purchase. Come have a chat share some hazelnut and vanilla chai on the house. Blending her vast knowledge, she is now a holistic training specialist focusing on developing specialized programs for clients wanting weight loss, muscular / skeletal re-alignment, spiritual wellbeing and a pain free existence. Today Emmanuelle is known for her life-affirming and exuberant teaching style, offering her years of experience with potent Pilates principles of alignment, elegant tantric philosophy and healing techniques that embody her own Practice (Sadhana). Her focus is to creatively inspire her students so they may learn to facilitate their own growth within the realms of spirituality and the healing of mind, body and spirit. Her aim is to create community, bringing people closer through the exploration of pilates and yoga.

Erin Ashley - Unveiling Authenticity – A Journey Through The Koshas 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels 

Reconnect to your true nature again through this gentle, 45-minute body-mind-spirit practice that taps into the subtler five bodies - the koshas. Beginning with the physical body, we’ll use the breath like sweet nectar to soften into the energetic body, our life force. As we continue inwards, we’ll begin to use mindfulness techniques to rein in the attention while opening to a sense of spaciousness. After gracefully tapping into this higher intelligence and frequency, we will now be free to open to pure joy. From this space we can better connect to our true nature, and this is where the best expression of you lies, where you can tap into your highest potential – your truest, most authentic self. The more you connect and embrace with your true nature on the mat, the more opportunity you have to carry this wisdom with you off the mat, to experience abundance and true happiness in life. Each attendee will receive a free audio of this practice, to support you to continue unveiling the authentic you in your home practice.

Erin Ashley is a Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and her “Transforming Stress Into Peace” programs have supported thousands of people to reconnect with their authentic and empowered selves again, while operating in line with one of life's most highly desirable states of being - peace. Erin's quotes her 20-year long practice of yoga and mindfulness as key to finding holistic life balance. “In life, change is guaranteed, and yoga teaches us how to respond skillfully and whole-heartedly to these changes.” Erin has plenty of life experience to put her yoga into action; becoming a teacher of this ancient practice was only a natural step. Erin has an innate ability to create an amazing experience for anyone who has ever been taught by her. Trained in Power Yoga, Core Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation, and Cultivating Emotional Balance, Erin offers genuine care and support in her classes with an underlying flavour of inspiration that is subtle yet powerful.

Flo Fenton - Yoga to make you happy 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Yoga practice can change the way we feel, not just by reducing pain and creating ease in our physical body, but due to its effect on the energy body, which in turn affects our mental state. We can use our practice to create mental focus and clarity, relax, or challenge us physically and increase stamina. Something that is often forgotten, is that we can, using wisely chosen asana, pranayamas, mantra and visualisation, also use yoga to make ourselves happy! Join Flo Fenton, leading yoga teacher and yoga therapist, on this exploration of using yoga to enhance positivity and joy!

Flo has been practising yoga since 1991, and teaching since 1997. Trained by masters of Iyengar, Astanga, Satyananda and Viniyoga traditions, Flo's focus is on finding our natural ease within the postures, and on cultivating an ever deepening awareness of the relationship between the body, the breath, and our state of mind. 'Paring back' each pose and starting always from the essential foundation of each posture, we build awareness of where we can remain with comfort in each pose, through the medium of graceful, flowing sequences in synchrony with the breath. Her style is both meditative and enlivening, balancing the active and the passive sides of our nature. As we focus within, developing the capacity to witness ourselves, the sessions themselves become a form of Yoga Therapy, which flows out into our lives beyond the class-room.

Honor Morningstar - 5 Rhythms Movement/Dance Meditation 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

5Rhythms ~ Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness ~ is a creative and expressive freeing dance/movement practice that generates momentum for deep healing. It is at once meditation, medicine, and a series of maps to ecstasy. There is no choreography...other than following the body, and listening in to it's wisdom. The dance offer's us the space to drop out of the mind and into the feet, to allow the beat of the music to hold us as we step out of our own way and be danced. A shamanic practice that calls us into a deep embodied awakening.

Honor walks a strong path of movement medicine firmly grounded in the 5Rhythms® medicine mandala of Gabrielle Roth. Honor trained directly with Gabrielle and was give the blessing to teach in 2008. Honor has a wildly compassionate and gently passionate style, and calls on a convergence of various shamanic teachings and practices from around the world. Honor offers open classes, private sessions, small groups sessions, and workshops.

Jess White - Where does yoga really come from?  
Talk, suitable for all levels

Is yoga old or new? What are the origins of the practices we know and love today? Does yoga contain one essential philosophy, or several? This talk will delve into the world of yoga history, as seen from the perspective of modern yoga studies. Perfect for yoga teachers and all deep thinkers, this talk will reveal many fresh and little known stories, ideas, and perspectives about this thing we call yoga. 

Jess has been leading yoga classes across Brisbane since 2008. While Jess has always been fascinated by a variety of spiritual and philosophical traditions, when it came to yoga she felt drawn to explore more deeply. In 2016 Jess graduated from the University of Queensland with a BA (Hons) in Studies in Religion. Her thesis on modern yoga earned her a number of essay prizes. Jess currently tutors and lectures on Yoga, Hinduism, and world religions at the University of Queensland. She believes that by thinking deeply and broadly about the ideas we encounter in modern yoga, we stand to develop a more mature relationship with yoga and with ourselves.

John Ogilvie - Purna Flow
Physical practice, requires some experience

Purna, meaning integrated or complete represents the holistic approach to yoga taught at Byron Yoga Centre - integrating the physical postures with philosophy, meditation and pranayama. Join John Ogilvie for this session that will combine a flowing Purna asana sequence suitable for all levels with pranayama and meditation practices. John will also weave in his insights on the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, exploring the Yamas and Niyamas - the yogic social and personal codes of ethics. Discover practical ways that will help you cope more effectively with life’s daily challenges. John has done substantial research on the chakras and their connection to our endocrine system. The sequence balances the chakras, addressing hormonal imbalances, opening the heart and leaving you feeling energised and joyful! Don’t miss this uplifting headline session of the festival!

John Ogilvie is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced teachers and founder of Byron Yoga Centre. John has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and teaching for over 28. John developed his signature style of yoga, Purna Yoga after 20 years of disciplined yoga training including practicing both the Iyengar method and Ashtanga. His yoga journey has seen him learn from various yoga masters over the years in Australia and internationally. The Purna method John teaches focuses on correct alignment. His teaching covers the basics with additional emphasis on refining alignment, corrections and adjustments. John’s teaching style is entertaining and completely accessible. His instructions are clear and simple, always with a focus on keeping his students safe and encouraging them to listen to their own body’s needs and only work at a level appropriate to the individual, at any given time. John encourages students at all levels to build flexibility, strength and stamina of body, mind and spirit. Many students discover, as a consequence, that yoga becomes a way of life.

Jost Sauer - The Yoga of Weigh Loss 

Come along to this talk and find out how yoga can help solve one of our biggest health issues. 65% of Australians are now overweight and it has been proven that dieting doesn’t work. Join Jost and discover his new solution of yoga, lifestyle changes, a mind-shift, and the foods, nutrients, practices and postures that accelerate metabolism and burn fat. The weight loss goal is not about looking good externally but about having a set of good-looking nicely-toned organs, because this is the foundation for health and happiness!

Jost has a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), He began working as a therapist in 1991, lectured in traditional Chinese medicine for ten years, founded and operated many health centres and rehabs, and worked internationally with celebrity clients in USA. He became renowned for his entertaining presentations on health and lifestyle and regularly speaks at massive music festivals, conferences, universities and schools. Jost has a high media profile and is a regular contributor to health and lifestyle magazines. He is author of groundbreaking books including Higher and Higher, Drug Repair That Works and The Perfect Day Plan (Allen and Unwin), and The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery and Lovelife (Living Now Media). Jost is happily married to his soulmate and is passionate about electronic music and muscle cars.

Juliette McConachy - Wide awake
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

The highest aim of yoga is to "know thy self". We have a receiving perceiving emoting vehicle called the body in which to experience and express life from, yet its often the case that so little time is spent in tangible discovery of ourselves. Its common behaviour to analyze but how often do we instead simply sensitize to the felt sense of who we are and let that be our experience. The various systems of our bodies, organs, bones, fluids etc, give variety to our presence. The feeling quality of the heart for instance is very different to the felt quality of the bones. If you “feel it in your bones” its a different experience to “feeling it in your heart”. Learn to articulate individual systems in order to integrate them into the whole, for a fuller sense of self and greater access to the infinite possibilities available within the vehicle of the body.

Juliette is a dedicated and inspired practitioner of the awakening arts with a personal practise of meditation and yoga spanning the passed ten years. Juliette shares from a background in Hatha Yoga, Zenthai Shiatsu & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Embodied flow™, Body-mind Centering, Psychosomatic therapy, Women's sexual health, and of course her own rich and colourful life. She encourages playfulness, truthfulness, rebellion and self responsibility. Juliette offers regular yoga classes in Brisbane, private meditation coaching, mentorship for budding yoga teachers and pelvic health care and sexual wellbeing support for women.


Karakrista - Yoga & Posture: 'Karana Mantra' 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

The Karana Mantra embraces your whole body in your awareness, aligning every part of you in harmony with the Universal elements - ether, air, fire, water and earth. Through this mantra you'll learn how to align yourself structurally, then connect with 5 primary 'bandhas' that activate the deep postural muscles of the body and create the ideal balance of fluidity and stability. With practice the Mantra releases tension in our superficial muscles and eases strain in our joints. This contributes to both the relief and prevention of pain, optimises our natural flexibility and freedom of movement, enhances our yoga practice and is essential for the longevity of our practice. You'll also learn two key ways to develop and maintain a strong core and remain centred and grounded in an embodied state of mind-body integration.

Following a lifetimes passion for health, including a career as a Physiotherapist, Corporate Meditation teacher, Holistic Counsellor and raw food coach it was a natural progression for Karakrista to step into yoga in 2007. She qualified with Being Yoga on the Sunshine Coast and is now a Level II teacher,50 especially inspired by Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi and many great leaders in meditation and psychotherapy. In 2017 she created The Yoga & Posture Workshop combining her subtle meditative body awareness, Yogic philosophy and practice and her Physiotherapy experience. Kara teaches with a meditative approach, moving from the centre of energy, exploring balance and total body harmony and is passionate about bringing yoga into daily life to make joy a way of life. She runs a Physiotherapy and Massage clinic in Sunrise Beach and teaches yoga classes, workshops and retreats. She is available to present workshops throughout the country.

Kashi Azad - Persian Yoga Intro
Physical practice, requires some strength

Persian Yoga is the most ancient and the world's longest-running form of total strength conditioning and Circular Strength Training. Strong, invigorating, and challenging, Persian Yoga is the time tested & battlefield proven physical arts of ancient Persian warrior nobility and modern Iranian Olympic and World Champion wrestlers and martial artists. Persian Yoga is a complete integrated form of exercise that uses tools, like the Shena (push-up boards), Meel (wooden mace clubs) and Sang (shields); to provide increased resistance and neurological input. It is a systematic, fluid and incredibly demanding, yet simple and approachable, practice. ​ It worked for the battlefield. It will work for anything.

I am Kashi, and I bring you Persian Yoga (Pahlavani) from my ancestral homeland and the heartland of the Persians. I am both proud and happy to share this ancient and unique physical conditioning art form with you. Persian Yoga has been shrouded in mystery for many many years...women were not allowed to practice it, and only a select few were initiated into this secretive art. I am breaking down these barriers and for the first time opening the doors to this old world, yet sophisticated and advanced, physical art form.

Lainie Jenkins - Strong on the Inside
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

In this class with me, you’ll learn how to break the habit of moving only from the use of the outer and back body loading layers of tension onto yourself. You will discover how to use your Deep Core Line to strengthen from the inside out, making all your poses more possible as you keep your body healthy for years to come both on and off the mat With this deep connection find the balance between stability and mobility, strength with freedom, or Sthira-Sukha, and all your yoga benefits increase.

Mother of 3 and Owner and principle teacher at One Family Yoga & Fitness, Lainie believes that it is important to let go of the identities that we take on in the world (Mother, Yogi, Father, Sister, accountant etc) while on the mat. It is a time to strengthen the body from the inside out through Ayurveda (science of Life), Asana (Posture), to connect to the breath to open the body through conscious breathing (Pranayama) to calm the mind with Meditation. Time for self. Lainie teaches to the individual, she guides you gently in and out of each pose regardless of your experience with yoga so that you always feel, comfortable, confident and successful. Laine Jenkins is a ERYT500 teacher with Yoga Alliance and a certified Level 3 Senior teacher with Yoga Australia, she has been a devoted yoga practitioner for 16 years and teaching yoga for 13 years. In Lainie’s classes and trainings, students of all shapes and sizes will find tips, tricks, and modifications to make yoga asana work for their unique body, instead of being squished into poses for the sake of form over function. She emphasizes safe alignment and mindful transitions, and guides each student to honor the body they bring to the mat today, while being empowered to learn about the body’s intelligence and power.

Lee Hardisty - Musical performance
Musical performance, suitable for all levels

lee is a music therapist and yoga teacher. He plays live looped music using guitar, saxophone, flute, kalimba and keys. His songs are heart felt.

Lindy Smith - Movement As Medicine
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

In this 45min workshop we will be grooming the spine and the community of muscles that support and assist with spinal movement. Your spinal column is the central axis of the body for bending, extending, twisting, and these movements form as the backdrop of most things we do and experience. Through functional human movement and embodied alignment this spinal medicine workshop will leave your back feeling enlivened allowing for more freedom in your movement.

My Yoga journey commenced when I attended an Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay. I found yoga brought mindful awareness to my body, mind and spirit, giving me the opportunity to take time to check in with how I was truly feeling. The skills I learned practicing yoga enabled me connect with breath and allow the structures of a thinking mind to break down. I loved the way a consistent yoga practice made me feel, so I commenced a spiritual journey to cultivate self-love. When I roll out my mat to teach, I enjoy stimulating the senses using music & essential oils and challenging the body with postures whilst cultivating an awareness of the mind through pranayama (breath work). I aim to help others open and release stagnation in the physical body & mind and re-awaken those parts of ourselves that may have become dormant whilst practising non-judgement.

Louise Solomon - Yogalates Masterclass
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Yogalates explores the fusion of Yoga and Pilates Therapy with functional Anatomy and Core holistic Stability to stretch, strengthen and tone your body while supporting fundamental pelvic patterns of movement. The exploration of the breath and its interplay within functional stability, enhances safety in your asana practise. Yogalates caters for all different body types; supports postural re alignment and your overall wellbeing. All postures are taught with the awareness of stability in the joints and progressing from a preparation stage increasing the load and effort so that everyone has an option to suit their body and fitness level. The Yogalates method is on the referral base from Health practitioners ie. GPs Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and recognised as experts fusing Asana, core stability and function by Yoga Australia.

YogalatesTM was founded by Louise Solomon, and she has been practising yoga for over 30 years. Louise became the first person to blend Yoga & Pilates and today is a recognised leader in holistic mind, body health and fitness. Since taking her method around the globe she discovered a gap in the exercise /preventative health care market. Her teaching is a culmination of her lifes experience and decades of study, application and teaching others to connect with their bodies and mind. Over the past 29 years her work has culminated in developing the Yogalates Teacher Training course for others to teach the YogalatesTM method to the general public in Byron Bay & Sydney, Australia and Tuscany, Italy. Louise is a teacher an author and teacher trainer/tutor and is known for profoundly inspiring and impacting the lives of her students for nearly 3 decades.

Lynda Jones - Do Less. Be More. 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Do Less. Be More. Svaroopa yoga offers a radically different approach! It gives you more than a workout, but with less work. You don't think you did anything, yet you actually did more than ever before. You get huge, tangible results for a little bit of effort. How? Svaroopa yoga focusses on the subtle but powerful release of tensions in the deepest layers of your body. You will learn how to easily release the muscles connected to your tailbone and lower spine, then follow a progressive pose sequence releasing through each area of your whole spine. When you open your spine in this way, it has amazing therapeutic results for your entire physical body. This process, even more importantly, also helps to quieten your mind. When your mind becomes quiet, then you experience the bliss of your own being - svaroopa - your true Self! As your spine opens, the energy flows: Kundalini awakens and your spine becomes the "conduit of Consciousness". Come and experience Svaroopa yoga - for body, mind and so much more ... Swami Nirmalananda is the originator of Svaroopa® yoga and Embodyment® yoga therapy. For more info please visit

Lynda Jones YA - Level 3 Senior Registered Teacher CSYT; CEYT (USA) Lynda was introduced to yoga, massage and bodywork over 15 years ago. Since that time she has explored a wide range of healing therapies, has practiced many different styles of yoga, completing yoga teacher training and further study in Australia, India and USA. Since gaining her initial qualifications in 2004, Lynda has taught yoga for various corporate, government, community-based organisations and schools. She currently teaches public classes and sees clients for personal yoga therapy at Light Heart Yoga, Nundah. "During 2007 I met Swami Nirmalananda. My whole understanding of what yoga actually is changed then and there. I discovered the profound inner experience I had been yearning for which Svaroopa yoga nurtures. I began studying this transformative practice with Swamiji and her team of amazing teachers in Australia and USA. I am passionate about inspiring and supporting others to explore their own potential, and continuing my own journey of healing, transformation and illumination. This is a deeply profound practice for body, mind and so much more. Namaste"

Lyndal Benadretti - Vinyasa: Chakra Flow 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Join Lyndal for a practice that will align your 7 energy centres while creating new and dynamic flow for both the physical and energetic body. Our vinyasa sequence is designed to open, release and stimulate with options to soften or deepen depending on how YOU feel on the day.

Lyndal is a qualified Nutritionist, Senior Yoga Teacher & Teacher Training Facilitator at My Health Yoga having studied directly under Carrie-Anne Fields and Matty McDonnell. Lyndal has a passion for food, movement & breath and is certified in both yin and yang yoga. Lyndal believes the key to an abundant life is finding a balance of both energies! You'll find Lyndal teaching yoga teacher training, beginners courses, workshops and yoga classes from My Health Yoga in Broadbeach & Brisbane locations. Lyndal also runs health & yoga retreats from tranquil locations here on QLD.

Mandakini Foux - Yoga for Digestion 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Japanese (ryoho) yoga is based on the Oriental 5 Element Theory (like Shiatsu, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine). It combines traditional yoga postures with movements designed to activate certain meridians/ energy channels. It can be tailored to focus on specific parts and/or functions of the body/mind In this class we will strengthen our digestion and increase core strength. You'll leave the class feeling grounded, focused and energised.

Mandakini Foux holds a Diploma in Ryoho (Japanese) Yoga and Zen Shiatsu as well as a BSc. Over the last 24 years she has been teaching both general and specialised yoga classes (such as Lower Back, Weight Loss and Women’s Health yoga). She has offered early morning intensives, seasonal cleanses, residential retreats, Corrective Personalised Programs and Yoga to Corporate Organisations (RBA). Mandakini has guided and assisted people from all walks of life in their healing process, using Yoga, Shiatsu and Food as Medicine. “ ..Mandakini has a gentle and supportive style, encouraging healing, integrity and fun. She remains aware of the strength and weaknesses of each individual” Petra, student, 30.

Meredith Yardley - Good health through Laughter 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Laughter yoga is designed to assist you to unlock the power of laughter for improved physical, emotional and mental health. It focuses on tools and techniques that assist you to reduce stress, boost positivity, confidence, communication, brain power and emotional resilience. It’s an aerobic exercise that is just plain fun, with the yoga component being the deep yogic breathing that that is an essential part of the exercise. There is no downward dog or being on the floor turning yourself into a pretzel. Suitable for everyone and can be done standing or sitting, so even those who are mobility challenged can participate. Laughter Yoga was born in Mumbai, India, and is practiced in over 105 countries around the world by tens of thousands of people. Come along and laugh yourself to good health!

After a series of health issues, Meredith searched for a holistic exercise that she could enjoy all year round. Laughter Yoga was the answer. She is so passionate about it she has made it her business to spread the laughter! Meredith’s focus is to draw on her experience in communication and change management to help businesses support their employees to manage their stress, improve their communication skills, teamwork, and brain performance (creativity and mindfulness) and social connection. She also offers sessions for conferences and events, aged care and health practices and even for social events such as hen’s nights. As well as being a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Meredith has a Master of Arts (Communication), a GradDip in Social Ecology, a Nutrition Certificate and a Certificate IV in Small Business Management. She is a multiple-medal winning Toastmaster and has performed on stage in community theatre in Australia and the UK.

Nina Hansen - Tantra & the awakening of the divine feminine 
Interactive talk, suitable for all levels

Nina will explore the awakening of the divine feminine with a holistic approach that includes the significance of the feminine energy for both men and women. In this presentation Nina examines the depth of a complete spirituality that brings the harmony and balance of yoga into all facets of your life. Nina will consider the importance of embracing every aspect of your being to reclaim your inner power and wholeness. The tantric tradition discovered that when there is balance between your inner masculine and feminine energy, there exists an enormous power. Our body, the wild, seductive realms of sexuality, sensuality and emotionality is a part of the feminine power known as shakti. By letting go of restrictions and layers of contraction you can connect with an amazing potential that resides within you. When the divine feminine is awakened, passion, pleasure, creativity and joy become a natural expression of your conscious being that flows into everything that you do. This allows your entire being to thrive. Discover how to restore and awaken the full potential of your feminine essence as a source of joy and deep inspiration. In assisting women to fully embody their feminine essence, Nina empowers women to reclaim their feminine wholeness, step into their inner power and live a more complete and fulfilling life.

Nina Hansen is the co-founder of Holistic Yoga & Meditation and has walked the spiritual path for over 18 years. Nina's profound wisdom and serenity captivates participants at the various classes, workshops and retreats she leads. Nina has the gift of an open heart and supports others to go beyond their limitations to arrive at a place of unconditional love. Nina’s teachings offer the depth of a spirituality that brings the harmony and balance of yoga into every aspect of your life. As a practitioner and teacher of Tantra, Nina inspires women on the path of Tantric spirituality, including sexuality. In assisting women to fully embody their sexuality, Nina empowers women to reclaim their feminine wholeness, step into their inner power and live a more complete and fulfilling life.

Sally Meredith - Less of THIS, more of 'this' 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

THIS is the hand held tight...a clenched fist, a wanting, a grasping, a contraction. ' this ' is a hand falling open...a trust, an openness, a spaciousness, a freedom. To bring our awareness to where we are caught and rather than TRY to be uncaught, just notice where the fixations and limiting patterns exist to effortless let them fall away. This class will look at postural patterns, the lungs and large intestine meridians and invite you to be courageously honest - Using the tools of breath, movement and mindful touch. 30% asana, 30% partner yoga, 40% therapeutic body work

Sally has been bringing people together through yoga, movement and healing for over 10 years. She facilitates in studios, retreats and festivals both within Australia and internationally. The modality of Zenthai Shiatsu has been a huge influence on her practice and for the past 3 years she has been working closely alongside her mentor and friend on the Sunshine Coast, Gwyn Williams (founder of Zenthai Shiatsu). Sally is passionate about uncovering and discovering the incredible depth of truth that lies within us. She relates ancient wisdom in an accessible and contemporary context, gently guiding you into inquiry and contemplation. Her offerings will take you on a rhythmic journey with your breath, body and heart.

Santina Giardina-Chard - Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga
Physical practice, requires some experience

The Ashtanga Yoga method creates an inner transformation every time you practice the method. During this class I introduce the three fundamental tools of Ashtanga Yoga: 1) The Asanas (The Postures) 2) Dristi (The Gazing Point) 3) The Breath I also give an overview of the Tristana Method along with a thorough discussion of the bandhas (core work). We will explore the aspects of the Teacher/Student relationship which is a the heart of the Ashtanga Method. Together we will traverse Surya Namaskara A & B with particular emphasis on combining the two opposing an complimentary patterns of Prana and Apana.

Santina’s journey from suffering to awareness and understanding through yoga has led her to a rich and real study of yoga as a living practice. San’s practice embodies the Ashtanga Yoga system, and she has diligently completed the Primary, 2nd and 3rd series of this method under the guidance of Mark Togni. Santina first travelled to Mysore, South India in 2014 and commenced tutelage under R. Sharath Jois, grandson of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and current Director of KPJAYI, the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga. In 2016, Santina was granted Level 2 Authorisation to teach Ashtanga Yoga, by her teacher R. Sharath Jois. Santina is also a certified Master Teacher in the Nicky Knoff Yoga System. Santina augments her yoga teaching with her work as a therapist, holding a Masters of Gestalt Therapy — A humanistic therapy focusing on sharpening an individual’s awareness of emotions and behaviours in their experience of themselves in the present moment, to reveal what really “is”. It is through Santina’s theoretical and applied educational background that enables her to insightfully and compassionately work with students of all experiences and skills. Santina intuitively customizes yoga asana programs that work for every students’ unique constitutions and capacities. Santina holds degrees in Law/Arts from the University of Melbourne as well as a Master of Gestalt Therapy. Santina was given her Level 2 Authorisation to teach Ashtanga Yoga by KPJAYI in 2016.

Sirgun & Sat Ravi - Withstand the Pressure of Time
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

This is a powerful and energetic class for a full tune-up of the nervous system. If the nerves are not tuned up, you will not be able to withstand the pressure of time. When life gets challenging, you might find yourself in a crumpled heap on the floor. On the other hand, you can meet the challenge with calm creative solutions. This Kundalini Yoga Class is designed to strengthen the nervous system so you can handle the pressure and stress of life just that way: calmly and creatively. It’s a lively workout and leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed. Whether you are a beginning yoga student or have been practicing for years, whether you are young or old, physically fit or a long way from it, this class will offer you the opportunity to meet yourself, challenge yourself and have fun with your self and the other yogis in the space as well.

"We have been practicing and sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga for over a decade. We are accomplished teachers and together make a powerful team as Graceful Women. We believe that as women living in these challenging times it is our responsibility to elevate ourselves to a place where we can inspire others on a daily basis. The Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by the western woman and it is this belief that drives us to share these powerful feminine teachings. We teach women to harness their own unique gifts and find love, happiness, radiance and grace.”

Sheila Ferguson - Grace Through Integration 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Bring your practice to life, expand past your perceived physical limits. A playful afternoon to gain understanding of the constant energy exchange we are all a part of. We’ll dive deep into the workings of muscle and organic energies of Anusara Yoga, and explore how engaging with these energies can change your practice and perception, both on and off the mat.

Sheila has been practicing yoga for the past ten years, but her journey really began eight years ago when she moved to Australia and was introduced to her primary teacher and mentor, Julie Smerdon. While her style continues to evolve, Sheila's training in Anusara Yoga influences her practice and teachings, providing insight to the beauty and delight the world holds. With a strong focus on physical alignment and breath, her teachings highlight the divine in all bodies, experiences, and challenges that life has to offer. A continuous pulse between strength and softness offers students a chance to tap into their true selves. Sheila aims to challenge your mind and your body, and to inspire people to bring the freedom and fullness they can experience on the mat, into their lives and the world.

Tanya Zappala - Side Body Long and Strong 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

At first glance we may appear symmetrical human beings but look closely you’ll realise from the moment we are born we continue to use and develop one side while our so-called "weak side" is often less favoured. The result is an imbalance in both strength and coordination. Working on your non-dominant side should becomes your focus in your yoga practice to bring back balance. This class will focus on lengthening the sides of your body from your outer legs to your ribs. Unwinding your Psoas and IT bands to leave you feeling longer and more balanced. Suitable for all levels.

Tanya has been teaching yoga in Brisbane since 2004 striving to creating a safe supported space where people can enjoy yoga. Tanya's background is varied, her favourite teachers have come from the Anusara with John Friends intelligent alignment cues, Shiva Rea for her creative fluid movements to bring in joy and freedom. Clive Sheridan for his powerful pranayama teachings and Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine for the easy and joy with meditation. Tanya acknowledges we all resonate differently to yoga. It's from this diversity that keeps her in touch with welcoming a wider level of students in her classes.

Tereasa Spencer - Mantra on the Mat 
Physical practice, suitable for all levels

Students will experience the fusion of Vedic chanting/Mantra, Asana, Pranayama & Meditation. Fun, energizing, builds self confidence & naturally leads one to a more peaceful, meditative mind. NB not a suitable class if pregnant

For me Yoga has, and still is, an incredible journey of self-transformation.  Wife, Mother; Grandmother; Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia; Certified Yoga Therapist with Viniyoga Chennia & Yoga Therapy Australia;  & self-employed Business owner .  Every area of my life has been transformed & is supported  by my practice of Yoga. I have the deepest gratitude & respect for the teachings handed down from T.Krishnamacharya & family and the self-empowering tools that Yoga offers.  My passion for Yoga has taken me on return trips to Chennia to deepen my knowledge, teaching & personal practice.  A special love for the tool of Mantra/Vedic Chanting I share via my focus class “Mantra on the Mat” & the teaching of Vedic Chanting.  I am very grateful and humbled for the life journey Yoga has & continues to provide me and I love nothing more than to share what I have learnt.

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