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A large array of wonderful Yoga, health & well being exhibitor stalls to enjoy.
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Align Chiropractic Centre

As a starting point we must first understand what the goals of a traditional chiropractor are in regards to their care. Typically they endeavor to Increase range of motion Reduce muscular spasm Temporarily relieve pain. In our opinion those are some excellent goals and chiropractors have done well under this model of symptomatic/relief care, and many of them are great at what they do in this area. Structural Chiropractors see that the above stated goals of traditional chiropractors are better understood as secondary conditions. If you suffer from a SECONDARY condition it is only fair and logical to assume that there is a PRIMARY condition at work. If you consider your spine as you would the foundations of a house you would soon realise that any shift in the foundation will result in a change to the entire structure of the house. As a result windows won’t close properly, walls begin to crack and flooring becomes uneven. You have the option to make cosmetic repairs such as repairing the cracks, but sooner or later you will have to deal with the primary fault of the shifted foundation. Otherwise you will be constantly patching those cracks again and again…. and again.

Australian Refugee Task Force Charity


Raising awareness and raising funds for Australian Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce 'Let Them Stay' campaign. 

Fresh Holistic Health


Fresh Holistic Health brings an innovative approach to health and wellbeing, whether that be through daily yoga, pilates, qigong and nia movement classes in their light-filled studio; workshops, fundraisers and cooking demonstrations in their community kitchen; or seeking advice from their qualified team of health professionals. Approaching your individual health through your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Fresh Holistic Health understand that everyone is different, and that no single treatment method works for everyone, every time. Fresh has a team of male and female doctors and natural health practitioners with years of experience in general practice, naturopathy, physiotherapy, psychology, psychotherapy, art therapy, osteopathy, counselling and midwifery.

Feathers of the Sun


Feathers of the Sun offers a unique fusion of boho-yoga-goddess wear and accessories. Suitable for all occasions; our garments are made using incredibly soft, durable and breathable fabrics. Inspired by yoga, dance, nature and the mystical - our collection speaks to the free spirit within us all!

Ellen's Crystals


Handmade and original design crystal and gemstone jewellery with many yoga themed styles. We sell retail via Facebook and our webpage and also Wholesale to boutiques, beauty salons, yoga studios and gift shops. Please contact us for wholesale enquiries.

Frozen Sunshine


Frozen Sunshine make handcrafted gourmet iceblocks using local and seasonal ingredients. We make our iceblocks from scratch, in small batches in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast and where possible source ingredients direct from local growers and artisan producers. We offer over 12 flavours which are both creamy, based on coconut cream, and fruity, made with fresh whole fruit or freshly squeezed juice. All flavours are dairy free and gluten free and also free from eggs and nuts, so they are a popular choice with vegans and people with food intolerances and allergies.

The Fresh Chai Co.


ALL CHAIS AREN’T CREATED EQUAL Instant coffee and freshly roasted coffee are both called coffee right? Well the same goes for Chai. You’d be surprised how many ‘spiced chai teas’ have numbers, flavours (no actual spices), and loads of sugar. No hot milkshakes please! We start with the freshest 100% Organic Fairtrade whole spices, stone grind them to release the flavor, then preserve spices in local organic raw honey.  Add Fairtrade Organic tea leaves and either warming ginger, rich Daintree cacao or whole vanilla bean pieces and the result is a sticky, delectable concoction with a flavour that just keeps getting better.

Authentic Wisdom


Completely natural, Authentic Wisdom Vibrational Mists combine aromatherapy and flower essences in a spray mist tailor-made for emotional and energetic healing. Each mist aligns with a chakra and can be helpful with healing blockages or to strengthen the connection with that energy. Affirmations are included to assist with accessing subconscious abilities to help strengthen your intentions and awareness.

Conscious Kitchen


Conscious Kitchen is proud to offer handmade food created with love, to choose form spinach and feta quiches, carrot, zucchini and sweet potato quiches, GF vegan pumpkin soup, GF beef nachos, lamb wrap, haloumi wrap, tofu wrap, all of the wraps can be offered as a salad to make it GF. GF chocolate cake, GF vegan Sago, home made lemon mint lemonade, Parker organic juices, water and soft drinks.

Crystal Mantra


Healing crystals in their most natural yet beautiful form. Stunning colours and incredible energies that are sure to uplift and heal your soul.

Bhakti Bu - Luxury Eco Yoga Mats


I am an Artist from the Sunshine Coast and I have designed my own range of eco-friendly yoga mats. There are four designs, three of which are based on the chakras. All featuring a super soft microfibre suede surface printed with waterbased inks, bonded to 100% biodegradable natural rubber. No harmful chemicals, dyes or glues. Mats are washable.

Captain Gozzy


We are a mobile Food Catering that provides delicious gourmet traditional Turkish Gozleme. We have vegetarian option which has spinach and cheese. 

Bizee Bodyz


We offer hip and funky, and practical activewear from Brazil and Colombia. Not just for the young, but for the young at heart and also streetwear.

Audacious Health

Audacious Health provides seated massage and traditional shiatsu to repair, support and invigorate the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Adytum Pyramids


I make Pyramids of varying sizes and materials, to aid in meditation, retaining the frequency of Essences, Elixirs, Oils and and progamming water and seeds, great for germination, and use in changing one's frequency and energy The Essences I collect are unique for their qualities and individually,and their synergy when specific combinations are made Energy alignment and activations, Astral Body, Light Body, Kundalini, Stimulation, high frequency attunements

Ananda Marga Vegetarian Cafe


Vegetarian / vegan : Indian feast, Samosa, spring rolls, salad wraps.

Australian Yoga Life

Australian Yoga Life magazine is Australia's longest running dedicated yoga magazine which features articles and stories from Australian yogis. Our articles our designed to  give the reader something to think about, reinforce or impart new knowledge, give you something to practise, and occasionally challenge ideas. Call around to our stand over the weekend, share your story, support our charity the Kate rose Hospice with a gold coin donation for a back issue – and of course say hello. 



AusSpirit Essences were created using spiritual vibrational techniques and influences in conjunction with earth energies and in some cases, earthly materials. They contain a very high level and extremely pure and powerful spiritual vibration that works on multiple levels to assist us to grow on emotional, spiritual and personal levels. The essences are 100% purified water and do not contain any perfumes. They are bought to you with the knowledge that they are extremely powerful, healing, and advanced vibrational instruments which will assist you on multiple levels. They can be both powerful and gentle, supportive, cleansing, and evolutionary. They are always healing.

Hatha Clothing


Hatha Clothing is an ethical and sustainable Yoga and Activewear label based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Our range offers unique and colourful active lifestyle clothing designed to inspire and motivate women to live a healthy and active life. Our mission is to provide high quality products that are ethically sourced and manufactured with minimal environmental impact. We use the Light-(CO2)® fabric to produce our leggings, which is the first biodegrade polyamide fabric in the world, toxin-free and environmentally friendly, quickly decomposing after its disposal in the landfill. In addition to the functional properties (soft touch, durable, easy care, quick drying, antibacterial and UV protection), it has a second-skin feel and it is extremely comfortable for everyday wear.

The Mindful Heart - Be Yourself


Kean and Kathleen are based on the Sunshine Coast, and love to take groups overseas on yoga/relaxation/hiking/personal & spiritual growth retreats in India, Bali, Hawaii - and soon New Zealand and Fiji. Kathleen offers regular weekly Yoga Classes in Nambour, Mindfulness Professional Development for Educators, Yoga for Children/Youth (incorporating emotional resilience & mindfulness) both after school and in-school, Prenatal Courses, and a monthly hands-on Raw Food workshop in Maroochydore. Kean offers one-on-one personal/emotional/business growth sessions, a monthly retreat on the Sunshine Coast, and teaches the Diploma of Counselling.

medicineroom naturopathic herbal dispensary

Madallon May and Lauren Michele


Empowering individuals to take their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing into their own hands through holistic self-care. Enjoy support, guidance and education with Madallon May and Lauren Michele as they share with the community their passions for health, wellbeing and essential oils.

Little Boy Blue


Little Boy Blue will meet all your coffee needs! Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans, organic Barambah milk, loose leaf tea, chemical-free decaf, as well as Fair Trade hot chocolate and chai. Local to the Sunshine Coast, supporting local business.

Kriya Source Publishing


Heidi Wyder is an author, singer-songwriter and a busy working mother. At the heart of her life, however, is the transformational meditation practice she writes about in her book "Kriya Yoga: Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner". Her spiritual journey started when she travelled to Asia and was introduced to ‘Guruji’, Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas, a living master of original Kriya Yoga (Lahiri Mahasaya’s lineage). Guruji now lives near Melbourne. “"Kriya Yoga" belongs on the bookshelf alongside classics like "Autobiography of a Yogi", to be delved into again and again…” - Foreword Clarion Reviews Heidi’s blog: “The Buddha in the Garden”

International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA)


The International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) is a peak body of Australian yoga teachers. The IYTA Diploma in yoga teaching is a 350 hour course. IYTA also has available Post Graduate courses. Membership information will also be available.

The International Avatar Course


Avatar Course. The books associated with the Avatar course. Avatar Compassion Project Cards with Compassion Exercise/guiding people who would like to experience the exercise Flyers with free info and Experience Avatar Brochures with Avatar information Inviting people to watch a 5 minute excerpt talk on computer by Author of the Avatar Materials Harry Palmer

Zenko Yoga


Zenko Yoga, the Sunshine Coasts premium yoga studio is the place to be for all your yoga needs. Offering a full time timetable of Power Flow, Gentle and Yin classes catering from the beginner to the advanced yogi. We also offer Pilates classes and facilitate many exciting yoga workshops to suit all levels. Come and experience it for yourself ($30 for a week or $99 for a month) The 140 sqm studio boasts impact absorbing and eco friendly flooring, state of the art heating and cooling, a separate reception area, dimmable down lights and a Bose surround sound system to create a beautiful ambience. Check out more details on our website - or Facebook page -

Yoga King


Yoga- King is a small family owned Brisbane based online retailer of Yoga and Meditation props. We also have whole sale division to studios and Yoga Teachers. Our core emphasis is on organic and eco friendly yoga and meditation products. We pride ourselves to be the best yoga outlet in Australia who is part of Yoga and Meditation community and contribute a lot in terms of the industry awareness with in the general community.

Yaku Latin Goods


Yaku Latin Goods is proud to bring you this unique organic chocolate born in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador, and carefully crafted by local hands through biodynamic farming. This vegan, gluten free, soy free chocolate is made entirely from world famous ‘arriba nacional’ cacao under direct trade standards. We are striving to delight you with some of the most exotic flavours and blends, most of which have been proud winners of the International Chocolate Awards.

Sunshine Coast Meditation Circle


We meditate together each Sunday, have Silent Retreats and Socials.

Steppingstone Cold Pressed Juices and Nutmilks


We are a small boutique Cold Pressed Juice company located in the beautiful Mary Valley. We grow our own produce and also buy quality produce from other growers of the Mary Valley. All our ingredients are spray-free, locally grown, harvested, prepared and slow pressed daily.

Plume Angel


Plume Angel creates beautiful handmade, ethically sourced feather hair extensions, earrings, and accessories. All of our products are made to the highest quality, filled with intricate details, and lots of love. All of the feathers used, are feathers that would otherwise be wasted, yet instead they are up-cycled and turned into beautiful pieces. They are the only ones like this in Australia. We also share a select array of hand moulded brass jewellery. Plus unique handmade tribal clothing by Banyan Tribe.

Powerlife Whole Health Studios


Powerlife offers a whole health approach to your fitness and wellbeing, supporting people to live an active, fit, healthy, balanced and positive life through an array of ancient practices, such as, Persian yoga (the only studio trained on the coast), Indian clubs (the only studio trained in QLD) and yoga. We fuse ancient wisdom with modern training methods that achieves health and happiness from the inside out. Our purpose built yoga and functional fitness studio in Moffat Beach offers • Yoga for all ages and levels • Persian yoga • Indian clubs • Strength and conditioning classes • Personal fitness training • “From Physio to Fit” Post-hab training • Remedial Massage • Naturopathy and Nutrition • Life coaching • Member’s open floor gym • Lifestyle workshops • Corporate Wellbeing Programs & Coaching

Persian Yoga


Persian Yoga has been shrouded in mystery for many many years, women were not allowed to practice it, and only a select few were initiated into the secretive brotherhoods of ancient warriors and champion martial artists. We are, for the first time in the over 2000-year-old history of Persian Yoga, breaking down these barriers and opening the doors to an old world, yet sophisticated and advanced, total wellness art form. Experience ancient Persian warrior conditioning in beautiful Sunshine Coast!

Zenthai shiatsu


Movement based therapy is a deep listening to the body and following movement patterns out of fixation into freedom create a harmonious energetic and structural platform where we can truly sit and move comfortably from our pure potential.

Yoga Vida


Yoga Vida has been stretching Mooloolaba and the rest of the Sunny Coast for 8 years. Come along and meet the crew, ask some questions, and sign up for special rate. Come and see why Yoga Vida has grown its student list to over 5000 happy healthy yogis ;-)

Poco Loco


POCO LOCO Brings the latest trends in fashion jewellery, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings, toe rings, etc. All at great prices.

DoTERRA oils


I promote the use of essentials though free classes and workshops. These classes enable people to learn how essential oils can be used for health, mood management, for children and prgenancy, meditation, detoxing the home and even cooking. A great addition to a yoga class to promote feelings of clarity, energy, or deep meditation.

Lee-anne Caulkett - artist&author


Visionary Artist & Author exploring Spirituality, Symbology, Angels and Universal Energies



CircStudios offers clients an experience outside the realm of the average gym. Utilising suspension fitness techniques which inlcude AntiGravity AirFlow, Suspension Fitness and AnitGravity Pilates our instructors will have your body buzzing at the end of every class. Classes offered are all taught by qualified instructors with a wealth of experience in the fitness arena.

Singing Ring Australia


Mediation is very useful for making your life clearer, easier, simpler, happier and peaceful more. Our Singing Ring Sound Therapy session and CDs are helping you to do meditation safely and easily. Sit quietly and listen the harmonic sound. If you got a good habit of meditation, the quality of your life will shift up and you will love your life more. We want you to be happier and healthier. We sell CD and give you Singing Ring session on the day. CD - Tuning of Spirit- - Chakra Balance- - Deep Meditation - $30 each. Singing Ring Sound Therapy session 20 min. $20

Anthropic Skin


We are Anthropic Skin - an ethical, boutique active-wear designer collaboration based in Sydney, Australia. Our leggings feature bold and unique wearable art - designed by some of Sydney’s awesome artistic talent. We don't use repeat patterns but we tailor the print to the curves of the body (especially the BOOTAY!). All tights are 100% sweatshop free and made within Sydney, Australia. They are made of the highest quality 4 way stretch lycra that NEVER goes see through Not only do they look stunning but they are extremely comfortable and flattering for everyone - from the voluptuous diva to trim gym bunnies.

Flow Yoga Wear


Bespoke, Luxury Yoga & Activewear designed and made in sunny Qld, Australia. Perfect for however you move your beauty-full body.

Pro Eco Holistic


Pro Eco Holistic is your 'go to' for hand selected, hand crafted holistic products. Our products are for both the Intuitive healers and those seeking astetically beautiful pieces for their home. We intuitively hand select each piece from around the world believing that each item has its true home Pro Eco is a vessel to deliver these items to you. We stock hand made Tibetian Singing Bowls, Shiva Ligam stones, high vibration crystals both raw and polished, crystal jewellery, inspiration cards & guided mediation.

Young Living Essential Oils


Young Living Essential Oils promote a Seed to Seal promise to allow us to deliver pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that change lives. We are passionate about true, lasting wellness. Our quality products empower you to replace harsh chemicals, enrich your life with good health and reveal your natural radiance. They help you find an oasis of calm in a world of noise, and support wellness, vitality and longevity. We believe that life’s truest, most lasting solutions are found in nature. After experiencing the Young Living lifestyle and Seed to Seal promise for yourself, we think you will agree.

Archies Footwear


Archies Arch Support Thongs were designed by a young physiotherapist from Melbourne, Australia to be an alternative to regular flat thongs. Archies Thongs provide the same amount of support that you would find in a typical orthotic, whilst still looking just like ‘normal’ thongs, hence why they are the choice of thong for many of Australia’s elite athletes. Regardless of whether or not you require support from your footwear, Archies Thongs are unbelievably comfortable and once you try them on you will never want to take them off!

Honeybee creations


I am a 500-hr trained yoga teacher based on the Sunshine Coast.  I am deaf and communicate in both Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and spoken English.  I am the founder and administrator of an ever growing international 'Deaf Yoga' Facebook group.  

At my stall, I will display beautiful mala bead necklaces and bracelets featuring semi-precious gemstones and sacred rudraksha beads from Tibet and India.  My malas launched early this year, are handmade with love, knotted between each bead and are fast becoming popular.   Each mala necklace comes with a 6-month guarantee.  I will have a paypal card reader at my stall for purchases.  

I will also present information about my upcoming international yoga retreats in India and Bali for deaf and hearing people.  The retreats are designed to nourish and soothe mind, body and spirit.  The retreats for hearing people will be for those who love to practice or teach yoga, go on spiritual tours and would like the added option to learn basic Auslan.  And my highly sought-after retreats for deaf people will be delivered in Auslan.  

Also, I will have on display my popular sing and sign DVD for kids, deaf awareness book and information about my Auslan Online courses.  

My stall is great opportunity for us to meet before I venture off to South India for 10-weeks to deliver my 4th international deaf yoga retreat in the New Year and to do some Ashtanga yoga training - with two toddlers in tow.  And hopefully our meeting will inspire you to come check out my new studio in Maroochydore next year.  At my studio I will hold regular Auslan and yoga workshops for deaf and hearing people.  For more information please visit websites: and 

Global Spirit: Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati


With 35 years experience teaching and speaking on yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Soraya Saraswati has recently published her powerful memoir 'Shining Through: From Grief to Gratitude' about overcoming the grief of losing a brother and son to suicide. Soraya's book is interwoven with the themes of gratitude, forgiveness, loving kindness and applied mindfulness. In her memoir Soraya shares how yogic lifestyle and mindfulness builds resilience, grounding and enhances healing. Soraya is also a speaker for Suicide Prevention Australia and if available for public and corporate speaking engagements. As a Musician Soraya partners with husband Terry Oldfield offering 'music for peace' and Music Meditation and Mindfulness Retreats,



The easystool trasforms the western pedestal toilet into a safe and comfortable squat toilet. Using the easystool changes the posture to the squatting position which in turn straightens the colon making it easier to eliminate.

Sunny Coast Art


The works shown at Yoga Fest are inspired by the natural world, our fellow creatures and meditations on our relationship to the world we live in. The handmade gifts are made from recycled and found materials such as wood, stones, shells and fallen forest materials. These gifts have a practical as we as reflective quality. The techniques vary from abstract textured paintings to figurative metaphysical musings on the nature of being.

Cafe Mantra Music


Created by award winning singer, Jo Kelly, Cafe Mantra Music is tranquil, spiritual music that nurtures inner peace and happiness. Visit the website for the full range of CDs and downloads for yoga and meditation.

Tubo Delight


We are a Gold Coast Based company that serves up fresh healthy sugarcane juice with an assortment of flavours. including Acai.

Lorna Jane


We are coming!!! this year we have some amazing Yoga pieces we will be sharing with you. Lorna has being inspired by her own experience with a passion for yoga to bring out a whole yoga range. We have a life changing new tight on the market- called nothing to see here!!! - wait till you see them. We will have everything you need for your active life style. We even have yoga mats. Come see us we have buy 2 get 20 % everything.

Stand Up Right


Our company provides a world first innovative product. Our mineral enhanced orthotics assist clients with balance and strength, while providing realignment of the feet which provide benefits in aligning the skeletal structure. Our individually heat moulded orthotics provide arch support which allows for an improvement in structural support, preventing pronation when our clients walk. The flexible nature of our product promotes good foot health by allowing the foot to flex, increasing circulation and massaging the plantar fascia ligament with every step the client takes. This will provide benefits to the body by re-aligning the feet through the release of tension within the Plantar Fascia ligament. The release of this pressure allows for further relief in the knees, hips and pelvis, leading to a complete improved posture and alignment of the skeletal structure. The benefit of this is that it then relieves pressure on muscles, ligaments and tendons attached to the bone, reducing the occurrence of pain.

Sunshine Coast Surf School


Sunshine Coast Surf Schools is a licensed Surfing Australia Learn to Surf, and Learn to Stand Up Paddle Boarding between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Surfing: Maroochydore & Bribie. 

SUP: Lake Currimundi, Coolum Aqua Park, Bribie & Suttons Beach (Redcliffe)


Private Lessons & Small Groups

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Corporate & Team Building Programs



Schools Term Programs

Special Needs Programs & Events

Remote Stand Up Paddle Events


All equipment included. Experienced, Qualified and Registered Level 1 Instructors